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This is my second wrap dress from Old Navy which is so beautiful!  I was so excited to show you guys how great the first dress was but I only wore it once because it shrunk like crazy when I washed it *side eye*.

I decided to give Old Navy another chance and purchase this lovely lady right after Christmas.  This time I sized up to compensate for the shrinkage.  This time I followed the care instructions to the letter, which stated to wash and dry the dress flat.  After all that the dress fit great when I finally decided to wear it to work.  However, the material stretched out like crazy throughout the day! I had a saggy booty all day at work, lol.  I was ready to toss this dress too but I washed it again and threw it in the dryer this time, which seem to do the trick.

I am to the point where I am going to stop buying clothes from Old Navy with the exception of their workout clothes.  Their sizing is inconsistent all the time. I can never get it right with them, either I am sizing up to get a good fit but then the clothes stretch out like crazy.  I buy maxi dresses that become midi dresses when I wash them!  I hate to waste money, they need to do better seriously.

Has any one else had this experience with Old Navy clothing?  Has anyone ever returned clothing to a store after it’s worn due to poor quality?


  1. I have a love hate relationship with Old Navy. I always get lucky with their sweaters and tops. It's their jeans that bothers me. By the end of the day, they are 2 sizes bigger and sagging. I'm wearing a pair now and I keep pulling them up lol. I bought a pair from Banana Republic and boy what a difference. That jeans stay in place. It's hard to find a good pair of jeans for my long legs.

  2. Very cute dress! I don't care for Old Navy's jeans. Everything else seems to fit me ok.

  3. I adore that dress on you! I also find their clothing to be inconsistent in sizing and quality, with the exception of their work out gear. That stuff is cute, durable, and fits great! 🙂

  4. thebayarean

    I agree! I've stopped buying from Old Navy, except for the occasional long sleeved shirt or summer tank top, because their quality has tanked in recent years. Especially their bottoms, which are always hit or miss! It's too bad really, because they have some cute stuff, but I just can't deal with the inconsistency.

  5. You look Great in this dress and it's a shame that you may have to dry clean it next time. I only buy jeans from old navy because their tops have too much shrinkability.

  6. Whitney 'Nic' James

    YES! You look great. Love the dress. So jealous of your weather, lol. Happy Friday…XO!

  7. That dress with the shoes looks absolutely fantabulous. However I have had issues with poor quality and have returned to the store. My experience was a long time ago, it was old navy – I washed a sweater and it unraveled – they did not give me a hard time. The stuff in Old Navy is not high quality and you just have to know that going in. I do well with their jeans and anything denim. I know the tops are flimsy, but that's ok because I won't pay more than 10 dollars.

  8. melissafff

    This dress was made for your beautiful curves….. Love that u paired it with nude heels just stunning dear

  9. Carmella

    Yes, I have purchase maxi dresses that have stretched out so much and have become so big, that I have to wear them as lounge wear around the house. when I first purchase them they fit perfectly, but it was a one wear one wash deal…now most of the jeans I have purchased have last me for years, but other items, especially the dresses have been suspect.

  10. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    I've been feeling the same way about Old Navy. You look amazing in this dress!! Very pretty!!

  11. I've felt the same way about Old Navy for a while. i keep my purchases there to a few things like workout gear (like you) and, once in a while jeans. I recently bought one of those initial sweaters from there. I don't have high hopes. But, I will care for it very tenderly and see. You look fab!

  12. Yes…I had the same experience with Old Navy, particularly with bottoms. I don't know the last time I bought anything from there. That dress is really cute, though!

  13. Patrice Crawford

    Ive experienced this as well with Old Navy. I got about pair of pants that I washed and are high waters at this point lol!!! Good luck with this dress its really cute.

  14. I have experienced the same thing. It helps that i am a seamstress and I know about fabric, therefore I can care for it properly. Many times after you wash the clothes still arent the same as when they were new. TIP: If an article is rayon or contains rayon only wash in cold and never dry unless you want it to shrink.

  15. Adrienne

    I don't know why but wrap dresses ALWAYS look great on curvy body types! I remember seeing a similar dress worn by Jill Scott during the NOLA Jazz Festival in 2013.

  16. Adrienne

    I'm also surprised you got that dress from Old Navy. It is very hit and miss with them.

  17. I've been called high maintenance but not too independent. I guess that's a given, lol! I will say that I have a hard time finding someone on my level. That's a bit disheartening at time but I remember I Am Enough!

  18. Brittany

    I agree about Old Navy. I seem to fall in love with them and then get disgusted at them within the same year, but that dress looks great on you. A wrap dress NEVER fails. Love it!

    Brittany x


  19. LOL @ saggy booty. I agree though, I "think" I remember complaining about that on this very blog…talking about the crazy sizing/fit differences between colors of supposedly the same model of jeans. I literally can get one size to fit perfectly and buy multiple colors of the SAME jeans or pant but none of the others fit. Annoys the crap outta me.

  20. I TOTALLY agree with the Old Navy theory I thought it was just MEEEE!!!! But this dress is s U! Love it and the way you paired it with the brown!

  21. Michelle Thiongane

    If I may join the discussion. I understand your attitude and you should not apologize for it. However being independent comes with price. Let me explain: I am a stay at home Mother but I do not rely on anyone for anything well except the money part which comes from my husband. But even that pains me. I want to be able to take care of myself financially. But since I can't , I am trying to be independent everywhere else. And guess what happened? I burned out. I got too tired and got a mental breakdown. It is okay to do things on your own but it is also ok to rely on people. It is okay to let someone else take care of you. If we were meant to be on our own, God would not have created Adam and Eve.

  22. I only have one pair of Old Navy jeans and they actually fit great, shocking. There pants stretch out terribly, I use there t-shirts to workout.

  23. Thank you, I am not sure how Rayon holds up to dry cleaning I am going to have to look into that.

  24. That's crazy, its not like their stuff is cheap I don't consider spending $30 and about on clothing cheap it should at least hold it's shape. People use to give F21 a bad rap on their quality but I've found their quality has stepped up considerably.

  25. Girl! I was like why is the back of dress touching my calves LMAO. I went to the restroom and my wrap dress had become a high low wrap dress, I was so done!

  26. I love the total look. Where can I get those shoes or similar….suggestions???? Is De Shops a local store?

  27. hae,u inspired me to put on a wrap dress my mum got me*smiles*tried
    with the belt behind dint quite work but one look at your blog n i did a
    side knot n it looked awesome!thanks Shea,got so many compliments yesterday

  28. Leasac2000

    Hello. Thanks for the info. My dress came today and it looks great on! I can't wait to wear it. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate curves and confidence.

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