My Birthday Reflections

curves-and-confidence-forever21-floral-crochet-dresscurves-and-confidence-forever21-floral-crochet-cami-dresscurves-and-confidence-f21-floral-crochet-dresscurves-and-confidence-floral-crochet-cami-dress| Dress – F21 | Shoes – Just Fab |

35 was a great year:

  • I bought an investment property.
  • I trained for and ran my first 5K.
  • I didn’t give up on blogging.
  • I started boxing and I love it.
  • I learned a few hard lessons about dating.
  • I accepted an invitation to be a guest speaker on a panel.
  • I finally shared my social anxiety secret with you guys.
  • I conquered my fear of attending events alone.
  • I ran the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, just like Rocky.
  • I went home to Brooklyn it had been five years since my last visit.
  • I had a surprise birthday party for my mom.
  • I celebrated my cousin’s graduation from Purchase College.
  • I bought my first size six dress. It was an a-line dress but it still counts.
  • I learned it’s absolutely ok to have boundaries and disassociate yourself from people that cross them.
  • I learned that it’s okay to end friendships.
  • I bought a pair of cut-off shorts and I wore them out the house!
  • I started not one but two businesses #GirlBoss

This post started out as an emotional overshare about how I was 36 years old and still single. Yea, I was really in my feelings. However, after having a good soul-cleansing cry I decided to share all the amazing things that happened during my 35th year of life.  I have far too many other things to celebrate. One of them being this fabulous crochet dress.

Thank you for sticking out another year with me.