In The Navy

| DressOldnavy | Sandals – DeShops | Purse – LV Speedy 35 |

This is my second wrap dress from Old Navy which is so beautiful!  I was so excited to show you guys how great the first dress was but I only wore it once because it shrunk like crazy when I washed it *side eye*.

I decided to give Old Navy another chance and purchase this lovely lady right after Christmas.  This time I sized up to compensate for the shrinkage.  This time I followed the care instructions to the letter, which stated to wash and dry the dress flat.  After all that the dress fit great when I finally decided to wear it to work.  However, the material stretched out like crazy throughout the day! I had a saggy booty all day at work, lol.  I was ready to toss this dress too but I washed it again and threw it in the dryer this time, which seem to do the trick.

I am to the point where I am going to stop buying clothes from Old Navy with the exception of their workout clothes.  Their sizing is inconsistent all the time. I can never get it right with them, either I am sizing up to get a good fit but then the clothes stretch out like crazy.  I buy maxi dresses that become midi dresses when I wash them!  I hate to waste money, they need to do better seriously.

Has any one else had this experience with Old Navy clothing?  Has anyone ever returned clothing to a store after it’s worn due to poor quality?