We are half way through the year already, can you believe it.  I am just curious to know how many of you have kept up with your New Year’s Resolutions.  I personally didn’t make any but I did compile a list of style and shopping resolutions, view the original post here. I believe I have done pretty good so far but there is always room for improvement.

 Curves and Confidence 2013 Style and Shopping Resolutions 


Do not buy duplicate items 

I have done so well at this, I serious have had to fight myself a couple of times not to buy a particular item in every color. Most recently I purchased these shoes in green and I really wanted to get the blue pair as well.

Try on all items before purchase (in store)

I have been very consistent with this which has actually helped me shop less; sometimes I’m just not in the mood to try on clothes which means I end not buying anything.

Make all returns in a timely manner 

I have been a stickler about this also, especially with Forever 21 which only gives you 21 days to make a return for store credit (I hate that policy).  Sometimes I don’t even bother to look around the store when I’m making a return I just get my money and head home.

 Do not impulse shop

This was a big one for me, especially when I see another blogger wearing something fabulous!  I am so proud of myself; I have really gotten this habit under control.  I am also guilty of shopping when I’m bored which I stopped doing as well.

Do not shop because a store is having a sale

Okay so this one is still a work in progress, lol. I love a good sale and I always seem to rationalize the situation when I do come across a really good sale.  I have however stopped loading up on items just because.  I take my time and select really good pieces instead.

  Keep a running wish list of future clothing purchases

I started out doing this but in the past few months I haven’t really been keeping track of my list.

 Have clothing tailored when necessary

This is an absolute must and I have gotten as far as put finding a reasonably price tailor (my last one charged an arm and a leg!) and putting the clothes in my trunk, lol.  I really need to get on the ball with this one; I have too many great pieces that need to be worn.

Do not be afraid to try trends

I have done great with this one check out the pics and let me know what you think, I seem to have a thing for prints,crop tops, and stripes lol.


Style more casual outfits (weekend wear)

My blog is predominately for work outfits but I always feel like I need to give you guys a good mix of professional and casual to keep it interesting which I have gotten better at.


Wear something other than a peep toe pump, LOL

Sigh, I love anything with a peep toe and that’s probably not going to change but I have incorporated more sandals this year but for the most part I stuck with what I loved.


   Try new hairstyles, including styling my natural hair (wish me luck)

Well….see what had happened was…I don’t have the patience when it comes to my hair so the most I can do is a huge puff which I haven really done much of except on the weekends.  I did finally break down and get Senegalese twists.

As you can see I am dealing with a lot of hair!

 Thrift MORE!

Instead of physically shopping at thrift stores I went back to looking for great finds on eBay which is always a treasure trove but having to fight it out through bidding does get old really fast.

Attempt to wear makeup when going out, at least. 

I accomplished this last week and did a damn good job if I might say so myself, lol.

Do not buy something because someone else blogs about it!

I actually think I have nailed this one, only because once something becomes popular everyone usually follows the same trend which isn’t a big deal but sometimes you don’t want to look like everyone else, know what I mean?

So have you kept up with your style and shopping resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.  

P.S. Please stop by The Fashionista Next Door to check out how I styled my favorite black and white pencil skirt five ways. 


  1. Wow! Half the year is already gone! Good for you on following up on your resolutions for the year. Most folks forget about them by July!

  2. Ummm I'm guilty of a lot of these…lol. I didn't make any resolutions. Life is a progression and I do better with embracing change when I'm ready. I admire your self discipline!

  3. That's a good list. I, however, always shop sales, never try on anything and usually end up haranguing managers to take my returns back after the deadline.

  4. I love your list. I actually have picked up a few items simply because you blogged or posted on IG about it though. And I nixed the shopping because of a sale a while ago, along with every coupon does not HAVE to be used. I love your twists and actually have a screen shot saved for whenever I decide to get some myself!

  5. This is a pretty neat list. I know what you mean about the hair! So not interested in dealing with it. I pretty much love that b&w striped bodycon skirt. I ordered a similar one for my birthday! Woot!

    You look fab in each of those photos by the way!


  6. BoomBoom

    I found your blog because I was thinking about buying a mini suit and I'm…curvy on the bottom. size 10/12 depending on the brand. I was reading your post about ebay, if you wait until five seconds (if you have a fast computer) you will fair better when bidding. When i do that, I put the most that I'm willing to pay, after researching how much it would cost new. I almost always win. I think that blogs can give you ideas but it is important to keep your own sense of style…that is what separate us from everyone else. I look at the blogs for ideals and then I do my own twist to whatever look I'm trying to create. My goal is to be more professional when I graduate from my second career change and that's why I look at youtube videos and fashion blogs. I have a lot of hair too and I'm natural but not as creative as some of the women that I have run across. I don't care for weave it feels heavy or it makes my head itch, like an allergic reaction, so I need other options. The other problem is that my hair texture is that of mix heritage, so finding products to keep the frizz down has been an issue too. I'm not mix, my mother is but my hair is very soft and curly. I am more of a vegan, I don't consume much meat at all…so I enjoyed your post on changing to a vegetarian. Just wanted to comment.

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