| Jacket – Old Navy | Bodysuit – F21 | Skirt – Thrifted | Sneakers – Converse |

Pleated skirts seem to be this falls trend.  It’s kinda cool to see this classic piece make a come back.  My personal favorites are the metallic and satin pleated midi skirts.  I recently had the thrifiting Queen prepare a personal thrift box of various pleated skirts and I was not disappointed.  A full review of each outfit she styled for me is in the works.

The skirt I am wearing has been in my closet for about two years.  It was purchased from the Goodwill with every intention of me actually wearing it.  However, y’all already know the story.  This outfit was worn a few weeks ago to Wynwood prior to Art Basel ascending upon the city.  I always seem to discover something new with every visit to Wynwood.  This visit was no different and there might have been some tresspassing involved, shhhhh.  Anything to get a good outfit picture.

Have you guys purchased any pleated skirts? I ordered this one and I can’t wait to rock it.





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