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I have come to rely on certain stores for no-brainier work clothes and H&M is one of those stores.  H&M is known for having structured blazers, beautiful dresses, whimsical skirts and sassy accessories.  Their prices are affordable and I find the clothing to be well made.  All of these things have lead me to purchase several clothing items from H&M over the years.  However, not with out trial and error.

Sizing at H&M is European plan and simple, which causes me to size up on anything fitted.   I usually stay away from their pants unless they have generous stretch.  I love their selection of skirts, dresses and blazers which is what I usually end up bringing home.  I find that I have to remove the linings from their fitted dresses because they are always too tight and bunch up underneath. Their fitted skirts don’t work for me, unless I am planning to wear them after work or on weekends. I really feel like their sizing is over the place but I don’t let that discourage me from looking for fabulous clothes.

I use to be that girl that would talk myself out of trying a store because I thought I couldn’t fit the clothing.  Of course this was completely made up on my mind and I was selling myself short.  Being that I am pear shaped it’s sometimes hard to find work clothing that fits over my hips and doesn’t show off too much of my body.  However, it’s not impossible and you just never know unless you try.  Now I just just need to tackle, J Crew and Banana Republic to see if they have anything that work with these curves.

What stores are on your do not enter list because of sizing? 


  1. Used to be Forever 21 until they changed the cut of their clothes. H&m too. I may be lucky to get 1 item there.

  2. I love this dress. I have the same problem as you except I'm also really small on top so a lot of times dresses will be too small on the bottom and baggy on top. Le sigh lol. I don't really avoid any stores but if I'm unsure about an item I like I will try to find it in store and try it on instead of ordering online. I agree that H&M sizing is all over the place. The really stretchy skirts i can size down but everything else i have to size up.

  3. J Crew runs way too small for curvy girlz so I stay away from there. Let us know if u have any luck. I love Free People but its a very casual boho look. I mainly shop at Macy's and Nordstrom and Zappos on line.

  4. Kimmie6992

    The Limited and Express! I can never find anything to fit quite right.

  5. As far as pants & skirts go, I can never find anything that fits at H&M. But their other items are great! I stay away from The Limited, NY&Co., and other stores who design their clothes specifically for the straight body type.

  6. Most stores pants don't fit me right. I'm not super curvy but it's hard to fit my but into pants especially from H&M and Forever21. Loving your look!

  7. Express and Zara are on my list and sometimes H&M unless it has stretch.

  8. melissafff

    Wow !!! Great post this store had me mad the weekend trying on their dresses I was like I like it but I refuse to size up lol crazy I know but you've inspired me to go back and get that white lace dress with the too tight lining glad to know it's just not me with this issue lol .. Nevertheless love this dress on u fab dear 😉

  9. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    You look fab!! Love the dress!! I have to size up in h&m & forever 21

  10. Very pretty dress!!

    Because of my body type/shape I have never gone to H&M (shocker I know) but Forever 21 Plus I have found some really cute stuff that fit me pretty good. I used to love Old Navy, but the really cute stuff don't really fit me and the stuff that does I am not too fond of. Maybe I will venture out and start back going to Old Navy and even take a trip to H&M to see what they have and see if anything fits me!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  11. I am a fellow pear girl and I just came across your blog. I love it! You are doing a great job of excentuating your curves and while still looking classy and modest! I have been in a slump for awhile because everything I try on makes me look like I'm going to the club. You've inspired me to try to love shopping again!

  12. I just came arose your blog. I love it because I am having a hard time finding clothes that I love but will fit my big butt. I went into the limited the other day and I was so discouraged because not even their XL fit me and Im not even that big of a girl. It sucks.

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