* Vest – DIY * Tank -Target * Pants – Oldnavy * Sandals – Ralph Lauren *
How cute are these pants
from Oldnavy.  I don’t usually care for jeans or pants from Oldnavy, their
sizing is always off.  However, I was in store last week just to see what
was new and these pants caught my eye.  I believe I was drawn to the
pattern of the blue and red.  Instead of being blue dots the pants are covered in six sided clovers.  I opted to order my pants online versus
in-store to take advantage of the sale price and get an additional 20%
off.  I ended up ordering the tall length because the ankle length wasn’t
flattering on me. If you plan to purchase these online, order your normal size I noticed the pants stretched out a bit through out the day.


  1. Anonymous

    Those jeans are super hotttt on you Shea. Love the new look for winter!!!!

  2. I've taken home some Old Navy pants lately too and I never really shop there but they ARE super cute.  I love these on you and also love that you paired them with this great denim vest!

  3. Very cute! Love that pattern! I feel you on the stretching throughout the day part. Targets jeans do the same thing.

  4. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    You look great!! Love those pants!!

  5. mytasteindeed

    I love the pants…but what I seem to be totally focused on is that you're sleeveless! I can't wait to get back down to Miami! I'll be there in April!!! woohoo…but you do look cute. 

  6. Flutastic Princess

    I meant to post the last week that you look "haute" in this ensemble.  Classy and sexy at the same time.  One thing I like most about your style is that you have the figure to wear just about anything and you give the sex it a sex appeal without being too revealing.  You're AWESOME!!!

  7. LA Lynn's

    Ok, so it's NOT just me… I can't do Old Navy pants either!!!! But Hunni you are werrking these!

  8. MD Mimi L.

    I can't stand Old Navy pants either because sometimes I can wear a 10 and other times I have to purchase a 14!! How crazy is that?? These pants are awesome because I have a pair and I must say that I LOVE them and can't wait to repeat them (something I normally don't do)!

  9. How cute are those pants.  So jealous of your weather.

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