* Blazer – Zara * Tank – H&M * Belt -? * Skirt – Kohls * Pumps – Jessica Simpson *
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I am going to veer away from my normal blogging banter for a moment, something has been on my mind and
I need to put it out there.  I read a post on another blog stating the blogging world has changed and people are doing it as a trend.  The post also stated that blogging has become over saturated with any and everyone doing it to make money.  I thought for a moment and
came to this conclusion…WHO CARES!  Me personally I am all about people
doing what makes them happy.  If you want to start a blog go for it, if
you want to quit your 9-5 and blog professionally do it, if you want to spend
all your money on a fancy layout, and pay a professional photographer to take
your pictures, do it!  If you only want to do sponsored posts that’s your business.  There is plenty of room for all of us.  From
the small town girl to the big city diva we all contribute something
different.  I feel like if you are busy doing you then you don’t really
have time to notice what others are doing, know what I mean? 
enough of that.  Lately I have been in love with anything pleated.  I
purchased this skirt in early May but never pulled the trigger on wearing
it.  For some reason I had it in my mind that my hips were too wide to
wear pleated skirts, crazy I know.  After doing some intense internet
research and by intense I mean searching for pictures of pleated skirts on
Pinterest.   I finally decided it would look best with a blazer.  The
skirt is actually a little longer but I decided to pull it up a tad bit so
I wouldn’t look so matronly.  I think it will also look very cute worn
with just a tank for weekend wear. 
Now I need a floor sweeping pleated maxi skirt that isn’t over $100, any suggestions?


  1. achiclibrarian

    I love pleated skirts. You look great in this outfit. The limited has some pleated skirts on sale right now!!

  2. Very cuuuute my dear!  Those shoes are it!  I agree with your not normal blogging banter.  There is enough room for everyone and do what your heart desires…just DO YOU!

  3. Ereka Davis

    Wooo weee, LOOK AT YOU! I LOVE THIS!!!! You look amazing! I just FINALLY found a cute blk pleated skirt while out thrifting! *might copy your look* 🙂

  4. You look amaz-ING!  You are not playing with this pleated skirt, you better WERK!

    I loved your thoughts on blogging as well– I don't see what everyones big deal is. I blog because I enjoy it, not to get paid HOWEVER if I'm presented the opportunity to receive payment for my blog dont think your girl is going to turn it down.. no suh!

    Anyway, keep on rocking 🙂


  5. dreaminofme18

    LOVEEEEEEEEE this classy classic look!! Eloquii had some awhile back that were afforable because they always have sales.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your point I have seen all kind of negative rants about other people's blogs, how competitive the blogging world is etc……and I'm with you. LET people do what they want. I started blogging as a way to deal with me having a stillborn son and it kept me from going crazy and I've met some really nice people that all have different styles and make my reading experience diverse. You never know what other people are going thru and how one post can make their day!

  6. Goodtimegirlari

    Love this look! You can never go wrong with black and white with a pop of color!

  7. Great outfit, trendy and classics all in one!

    I agree with you that it's up to every single person whether to blog or not and how to do it, as long as it isn't hurting anyone, right?! People would be so much happier if they just left even a tiny piece of negativity in the nearest trash can while passing by instead of carrying it around and dumping it on other people.

  8. Well Said! I want that pleated maxi as well :)!

  9. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    gorgeous combo and the skirt is beautiful!

  10. Swanky LittleThings

    I agree! There's a fit for everyone is in the blogging world!

    Any who, I love that skirt! I have something similar in a different color, but I'm scared to wear it cause my hips are so big! lol

    You look great!Brittany xwww.BrillianceOfB.com

  11. Monet Xminis

    – Black and white with a pop of color is always a go in my book. I love it 🙂
    Also, thank you for hosting the giveaway and congrats to my fellow winners!

    xo, Mo

  12.  I agree. I think people should  do what they want. There's enough room out in cyberspace for everyone and no two styles are alike. If somebody can make a few bucks off their blog…go for it.

    The whole outfit is stellar! I found my self wearing the same colors earlier this week . Even though brights florals and neon are the rage, I always come back to this color combo sooner or later.

  13. A R Hawkins

    First…LOVE THIS LOOK!!! Pleats don't really work for me…but you're rocking them out!!! Second, I totally agree with you!!! Blogging…Youtube…Going Natural…Facebook Groups…etc…people make so many "rules" for things that are all about self-expression and 'doing you'…my 'you' and your 'you' are different…that's what makes it all so special and fun!!!


  14. Super cute look!! I love your skirt 🙂 And stop reading that stuff that those people are saying…They crazy lol! I would definitely look in Forever 21 for the skirt or H & M!! 


  15. ….I love this look. Been looking for a pleated skirt too although I am of the opinion I would wear it with wedges :-). I think being a vest junkie I would go for a fitting one and the blazer to top it up all. Love the look and please do tell how you manage to look more fabulous with every new post.

    Please share your beauty secrets.

    About blogging as a trend, I say why not? Aren't trends there to be followed? All you have to do is personalize said trend and you are good to go…

  16. Gurrrrrl, u are point on with the outfit & the words!!!! WTH Cares!!!!!! It's ALWAYS enough room for everybody…

  17. Mskalila

    The Loft had black and day glo orange 2 weeks ago on clearance.

  18. Merrybelly Rodart

    you nailed this outfit!!!! Love it  🙂

  19. You can never go wrong with this color palate.  I want a pleated skirt like NOW!  Guess that'll be my next buy. 🙂  You look fab-U-lous as usual!

    Oh so true about the blogging +money.  I started blogging in 2005 and I've been doing it so long because I love it and I definitely don't have the opportunity to blog as often as I would like because it is time consuming.  Especially if you want things to be right.  And it never hurts for anyone to get paid for their time and efforts.

    I think many people blog first because they want to connect with others, have some sort of recreation/hobby and to be able to freely express themselves.  Many times, a person is blogging about the things that they are passionate about and to be paid for that and make a living…man, isn't that the best thing about life these days?  Not to be stuck at a job that you hate and are miserable?People that have an issue with it, need to get over it and quickly.

    8 times out of 10…if a person is ONLY in it for the money, it definitely shows that there is no passion there and people aren't drawn to that.  Anyone who wants to blog about their likes, loves and passions and get paid for it…I think it's all well and fine! 🙂

  20. Wow,  I guess blogging has become trendy huh? For those that are only in it for that, it will quickly pass for them like block parties, and penny candy, but for the rest of us, we will continue doing what we love and are passionate about. Now on to your fabulous dress, I LOVE IT!  The blazer over the dress looks very polished and chic. You look beautiful.

  21. chioma anosike

    Love red and black on you! It's cute for work or play! I would suggest TJ Maxx or Marshall's for longer pleated skirts! I found my purple one for $40 a couple of months ago. And yea girl, I agree with you. I can't afford to quit my day job to solely blog professionally, but I love it and I'm learning a lot about style and myself… to each his/her own! lol


  22. Did you buy that skirt recently at Kohls? I am IN LOVE with it! I need it for an event this weekend 🙂 Thank you!

  23.  I apologize – I saw that you purchased the skirt in May. Who makes it? I may still go look and pray it's there 🙂 I am LOVING your blog! LOVING it!

  24. Qriusscammy

    This Outfit is smashing! I need a revamp of my office attire closet. Browsing thru ur blog I am gaining quite a lot of ideas. LOVE UR BLOG mamacita!! Plus I love ur style….classy, chic yet trendy. U got talent girl!!!

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