* Dress – Forever 21 * Belt – ? * Wedges – Nine West * Ring – Forever 21 *
(The dress really isn’t that poofy, the wind kept catching it)
I’m in love!
I know you guys have heard me say that before but this dress had me swooning
all day long.  I wore this polka dot beauty to the office, but it would be
the perfect for a graduation, a summer wedding or for church.  I know my
co-workers think I am probably over the top sometimes with my work outfits but
to be honest I don’t know anything else.  I was that girl in high school
that rarely wore jeans and only owned one pair of sneakers.  I have never really changed from that but I
have realized that since getting divorce and being on my own for the past five
years I have really grown into my own.  I
have come to know myself a lot better and become more appreciative of what God
has given me.  I have learned that no matter what the situation always love yourself.  I am different but the same, does that make
I didn’t mean
to get all philosophical on you guys but I just had an “I am proud of me moment” that I had to share. 
I want to know what makes you proud of yourself, leave me a comment below and don’t be modest =)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!  Loving that dress, lady!!!  You deserve your proud moments!  I feel you about work outfits.    I go a step beyond what my work environment calls for and I LOVE it…lol.  As already stated, you my dear are looking lovely!

  2. Super Cute!!! Love the polka Dots Honey!!! 🙂


  3. Proud as you should be!  I am so glad that you have grown into your own.  I can see why you are in love with this dress!  The pleats and polka dots and soft color are just superb.  You look stunning m'dear!

  4. Style4Curves

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that dress!! I am proud of being the of my cousins to graduate from college and also I will be the first one to break the cycle of never been married women in my family. I am thankful that I went through a terrible ten year bad relationship and I got a change to know and love myself when I was single so now that I am engaged I know for sure what my standards are before diving into marriage. 

  5. Congrats on your pending nuptials!  It's your history that lets you appreciate your future.   Best wishes =)

  6. I love that dress! I want that dress in my life. My proud moment this week is not as deep as yours lol but I made a skirt yay!
    I cut, sewn my own flower maxi skirt and Im so proud of myself!

  7. I don't have to tell you that I am in love with this dress. FABULOUS darling. I agree I dress up all the time also. I currently only own one pear of sneakers that are for the gym. I feel fabulous when I look fabulous! It is always a wonderful feeling to leave a trying situation and come more into your own. It means that you learned from that situation and you are stronger from it! Kudos to you!

  8. You did such a great job on both skirts!!! I need to stop being lazy myself and use up all the sewing stuff I have.

  9. Totally feel you. I dress up all the time, what you see on my blog I wear to work mostly.  Nothing wrong with looking your absolute best if it makes you feel good.  Lovely dress, adorable.

  10. Love this dress, it's so romantic looking. I would be twirling it all day.

    I am proud of my perserverance. I have fallen off of my path, but I keep pushing regardless and I don't have much of an immediate (proxemics wise) support system, so I love that about myself. Kudos to oyou for recognizing and appreciating your growth.

  11. I don't have an immediate support system either so I know exactly what you mean.  It makes it hard when are having a moment but it actually strengthens you =)

  12. Toni of PrettyDarkGirlStyle

    Very pretty Look 🙂


  13. LA Lynn's

    Yassssss hunni!!!!! I know you are IN LOVE!!!!! Because I love me some Polka Dots and this dress is PERFECT!!!! From the color to the pleats…. BTW, I LOVE ME some me and the person that I have grown to be! I’ve always been a HAPPY go lucky type person and can life about most things that I find others crying about! ~Love, Live, and Laugh is truly my motto

  14. Rashidah Ferguson

    What an inspirational post. You are such a fab chick! You belong in another era with that dress it's dreamy. we love your site at beyondblackbeauty.com

  15. aleia hendricks

    LOVING this dress!   Dresses are so my style, and this dress is pretty and professional at the same time…

  16. Jerseyblgoess

    very pretty – I love that dress – it looks great on you.

  17. Amen to being "that girl"…for me, that was in college.  (I wore a uniform in high school.)  I think the same even applies now to my work place.  I'm the teacher that wears "sky-high" heels all the time or is always considered "dressed up" (when I just consider it "getting dressed").

    I can see why you are in love with this dress.  It looks great on you…a little Marilyn Monroe-esque in the third picture!  =)

  18. I've always been a Girly Girl, so I know what you mean!! 
    Life has a way of putting us in uncomfortable situations, but it makes us stronger as we're dealing with it…
    I'm proud of myself, because I don't allow other's to take my kindness for a weakness and know when it's my time to walk away, walk away…Following my Heart more!!!!

  19. FabulousMe

    was this dress purchased online or in store at forever 21…i love it and cant seem to find it..

  20. You look really beautiful! That dress is Fabulous!! I'm proud of myself that I have learned  no matter what I go through it's just a temporary situation, it will pass, I can make it, I'm strong and I'm a survivor!

  21. This Dress is soooo pretty! I love watching old TMC movies just to see the clothes that the women wore! So lady like, yet sassy!

    "I am different, but the same" <–This right here…does make sense! It definitely describes me. I was "that girl" in Highschool even in jeans and tennis shoes and i'm still that girl. People think i'm so over the top but whatev…I just continue to do me.

    I think that reminding yourself to love yourself and root for yourself is something that alot of women forget to do. We put so much in to others it leaves us hanging in the wind. But when you can do that for yourself, to me it shows a different level of growth and maturity in yourself. Be well.

  22. I have this dress!!! And I wore it to a luncheon to meet Mrs. Michelle Obama! It in my mind is now and forever more thought of as my "First Lady" dress!

  23. oooooh pretty!!! I love the dress. It's gorgeous…and we are kindred spirits. I was that girl in high school, too!

  24. AWWWWW!!! Go ahead and have your moment girl!!!  Growth.  That's what life is all about ((BIG HUG))  

    For myself?  I'm proud of everything that's been happening lately.  I'm still in disbelief that I have my first home and now I'm MARRIED with a wonderful and active toddler running around.  6 years ago, if you had asked me where would I be in 2012, I definitely wouldnt have thought I'd be where I am now..  I running around partying with not a single care–said i'd never get married cause I didn't want to be tied down and hated the idea of kids.  LOL!  My goal was to "travel the world and live in different places–no responsibilities"

    My immature mindset has changed BIG TIME.p.s. that dress is  perfection!  It's very pretty!  Polka dots are SO classic.

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