* Deninm Jacket – Oldnavy * Gingham shirt – Oldnavy * Tank – Hanes * Pants – Oldnavy *
* Pumps – Jessica Simpson*

Hey! I missed you guys; I have been busy getting ready for finals and class presentations! Of the four classes I am taking I know for sure I have two A’s so far.  Next week Monday is my finance final and Wednesday is my Earth science final.  Then I can relax and celebrate!  It’s just me and my doggie and these classes keep my busy.  I take my hat off to anyone that has a family to take care of, works full time and school still makes time for school, you guys rock!

I love these pink pants from Oldnavy, these were purchased during the 30% off sale they had back in Oct.  I wish they came in more colors because I paid less than $10 for these fancy pants.  I am actually wearing Oldnavy head to toe expect my shoes; which I hadn’t realized until I got ready to take my pictures.  Oldnavy really has stepped it up, their nicer pieces are little pricier but I just wait for them to go on clearance!  My pictures could have been sooooo much better but I rushed through them because my battery was dying.  Happy Friday!


  1. Wow!  Congrats to you on the two A's!  Also good luck to you on your remaining two finals!  I LOVE these pants as well and I have seen them all about the blogosphere.  Great color and I love how you paired them with the tamer gingham top and nude pumps!

  2. MyFashionConfession

    Good luck with finals! I'll be done with mine next Thursday and I cannot wait!

  3. localceleb

    Good luck on your finals! , I am loving this outfit those pants are the bizzness!

  4. B. LeRaven

    Cute outfit! Nude shoes are lifesavers…

  5. aahhh the dying battery.  doesn't that just make your heart skip a few beats when you know you wanna get something done.  I keep saying I'm going to buy a back up battery but never do.

    Anyway, I like this outfit. I've been wanting to get some colored pants and I said my first colors were going to be mustard and cobalt but I really like this pink too. Always love gingham shirts!

  6. My first guess on where these pants came from definitely wouldn't have been Old Navy. I agree they are stepping up their game a bit. I scored big time when they had a sweater sale.

    I love these pink pants and really like how you added the blue gingham. Those colors just work so nicely together.

  7. I was waiting to see how you would style the pink pants and I'm surprised. I thought you would go with all neutrals but the blue works! Good job!

  8. Cute outfit Friend!!! Love those pink pants 🙂 

  9. Thank you, I would probably wear my denim jacket everyday if I could, lol.  One of my favorite items in my closet!

  10. Thank you. It had been so long since I had used the dang camera, lol.  I need to get green and colbalt and my collection will be complete, I think. 

  11. Thank you. I didn't even check out the sweater sale, I wish it would get cooler here more often, but I heard great things.  I can't wait for their next clearance. 

  12. Thanks Hun! I did neutrals the first time, but that was blah, lol.  Soooo I threw this together last minute and it worked. 

  13. My hubby is taking finals this week too. I know all about it girl! Those pants are fabulous! Kiah

  14. Good luck on your finals – I am feeling your pain! But hang in there, that degree is worth it!! You look fab as usual, the pants are HOT.

  15. MissRockwell

    Those pink pants are definitely HOT!!! I've been looking for them in my size with no luck :-(. And you're absolutely correct-Old Navy has stepped their game up tremendously!

  16. Cute outfit, I love those pants. 

  17. Allison McGevna

    Absolutely love this! 

    xo- Alliehttp://alliemcgev.blogspot.com 

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