I finally found a color combination that was perfect for color blocking; I must say I am feeling quiet good wearing this outfit today!  If you follow me on twitter (@curveebeauty) then you know me, StyleChic360 and Gen321 all purchased the same knit pencil skirts during the Forever 21 yellow tag sale.  Instead of taking the safe route, typical black skirt, I figured I needed to try something new.   
There isn’t much color in my closet so I hit the goodwill Saturday to find some nice tops specifically for color blocking.  I hit the jackpot, three blouses, for $17!  I can’t wait to see how the other ladies style their skirts.  I just realized my entire outfit is less than $50, minus my hair, lol.  
I want to give a special thanks to all the ladies over at ChocolateBrides.com I read all of your nice compliments.  I joined the forum but I am not about to respond to posts for some reason.
Silk Blouse – Goodwill (tag removed)
Skirt – Forever 21+
Pumps – Jessica Simpson via Ross 
Ring – Forever 21 

Earrings – Forever 21


  1. Thank you, I have  learned that you have to be really patient and take your time when it comes to thrifting.

  2. Hey Hun, Love the blog. Just thought you should know that I gave your blog an award. check my blog for details!


  3. Gorgeous! I just did a color blocking post too. It's going to be hot this fall. Thanks for your kind words about my food blog. I'm having a giveaway if your interested and your newest member. XOXO

  4. Another Chocolate Bride here! Love your blog and how you blend classic and contemporary style.

  5. Thanks for all the love you guys have been showing me!  Still can't post a comment to threads yet =/

    You should definitely try color blocking, I felt so good wearing those colors yesterday =)

  6. Thank you! I am taking baby steps adding more color =) I will tweet you if I come across another red pencil skirt.  

  7. Angel Jordan

    Chocolate Brides and I love this blog!   We use you for style inspiration. In fact, this morning, I was going to rock your black patterned skirt, belt, yellow cardi look. But decided to hold it for another day.  🙂  I'm gonna add color blocking to my repertoire very soon.

  8. shorterk

    Great color blocked fit!  You look great!  Love the heels!


  9. Loving it. Applauding you for pulling in some color. Now lets discuss why I wasn't told to get the skirt. I NEED a red pencil skirt. Fiyah! The hair with all the curls says summer hot chick 🙂

  10. Full-Figured Diva

    Love the color combo…and your hair is GORGE!!!  You look beautiful!


  11. I finally took the plunge and I love it! I need to take more risks.  You should try thrifting, it's the best way to build your wardrobe and not spend alot of money.   

  12. YES for color blocking!! I love red and pink together! Wow, that skirt came from F21?? I never would have thought. You look FAB!!

  13. maimusings

    Great job color blocking.  I love your nude pumps as well.  I have yet to try pink and red, but its definitely on my list.

  14. Style & Poise

    Nice look! Liking the colro combo!


  15. Lexy_BeautyFash

    Perfect combination!  That top was a SCORE, love the color.  And your hair looks great!

  16. Princessjade94

    how come your not smiling, you always told me to show teeth…smile =D

  17. OK, VBFF!!!

    You did this! I love the color combo!!! It is so pretty! You look fabulous! I can't wait to wear my skirt!

  18. I've really got to hit up a thrift store.  I'm seeing everyone finding all these nice things! The only thing I ever bougth from the thrift store was some cute vintage luggage but that was years ago.  I'm SO behind the curve.  Also, I've always been afraid to wear pink and red together but I like this!  I'm going to try to be more adventurous!

  19. Yaaaay! I love this combination. It's a combo that has been on my list to try and of course you look gorgeous!

    I haven't been to Goodwill in months. I think it's time for me to take a trip!

  20. I soooo need a red skirt — how come I can never find any goodies at the thrift store?!
    You looks so nice and I like the curls in your hair — you're  rocking the "color-blocking"!

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