Back on the balcony, I know you guys missed the views, lol.
I have been all over the place this week and haven’t really planned out my outfits the night before work like I usually do.  You know what that means, me standing in my closet waiting for something to jump out at me in the morning.  This dress was today’s winner, and it is completely inappropriate for work, at least I think so.  Don’t get me wrong I am giving the business in this dress, which I love! However, for work this could be questionable depending on your work environment. I figured I should cover my arms since I am showing a little more leg than I normally do.  It’s safe to say I will be feeling self-conscious all day.  This is what I get for being 30 and still shopping at a Juniors store, gotta love Forever 21! 
Cardigan – Target
Dress – Forever 21
Pumps – Jessica Simpson via Ross
Charm Bracelet – Gifted 



  1. HandpckdbyNikona

    This dress is smashin', love the vibrant color & it so goes well w/ the yellow cardi! Your hair style looks fabulous 😀

  2. Ok virtualbff, you look hot!! Love the colors! I need more cardis in my wardrobe. You wear them so nicely. 🙂

  3. Strictlihair

    Appropriate ALL DAY!!! That cardigan was avery classy touch! Very cute! 🙂 

  4. As a fellow style-lover in her thirties (and a new follower), I say more power to you for working that red dress…from the juniors dept…from Forever 21!!!  You look great in it!

  5. I think you look fabulous and not inappropriate one bit. I love the color combo.

  6. Love the dress and the cardigan makes it work friendly. I so agree on the Forever 31 but let's not stop there let's take it to 41 and 51! 🙂
    You look great! Awesome view.

  7. pritibrowneyz

    I don't think you look inappropriate at all. You seem to pull your outfits together very well so don't feel conscious…you look GREAT!!

  8. I love the red and yellow combo!  I get that way at work too.  The dress code is pretty lax (even for a law office!), but I am still self conscious about bare arms, dipping necklines and short hems.  Hmmmm.  I think you pulled it off well though!

  9. Lexy_BeautyFash

    I think the cardigan and pumps made this work appropriate/  LOVE the shape of the dress though… the waistband makes it!  And I have to admit, your view is amazing!  Do you spend a lot of time out on the balcony?

  10. Kahlil Haywood

    you're just live, I'd love to take you anywhere

  11. I think the fit of the dress makes it work-wearable but I think you were right to add the cardigan. Either way the colors really pop. I love it!! FYI you ARE giving the business in it!! 

  12. I love this with the cardi and don't feel weird about being 30 shopping @ Forever 21! I will shop their when i'm 40 LOL You are as young as you look 🙂 This colors are poppin 🙂

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