My Love of Fast Fashion

| Blazer – H&M | Dress – The Limited | Shoes – BCBG |

One of my favorite professional clothing stores, The Limited, has  closed, the retailer has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Several other top retailers have closed their doors as well: American Apparel, Wet Seal, Aeropostale, and Sports Authority.  Macy’s also announced they would be closing 100 stores as a new strategy.  Brick and mortar stores are struggling to keep up with online shopping and fast fashion.

What is Fast Fashion?

The term “fast fashion” refers to a phenomenon in the fashion industry whereby production processes are expedited in order to get new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible. As a result of this trend, the tradition of introducing new fashion lines on a seasonal basis is being challenged. Today, it is not uncommon for fast-fashion retailers to introduce new products multiple times in a single week.

I am a shopaholic and fast fashion feeds my addiction.  Every day I’m checking the websites of my favorite retailers: Amazon, Forever 21, Zara, Nordstrom Rack and H&M.  I have an extreme fear of missing out when it comes to shopping.  I don’t want to miss any opportunities to buy a cute top or beautiful dress.  Most of these sites post new items daily so there is always something that catches my eye.

Excessive Compulsive Shopping

However, I’ve realized that my indulgence in fast fashion just leads to a closet full of cheaply made clothing that gets tossed aside, worn once or not at all.  My personal style is a mix of trendy and classic so I don’t really care for hyper-trendy fashion i.e. anything from an Instagram boutique.  However, I will happily place several orders of clothing from Forever 21, H&M and ASOS on a monthly basis.  I purged my closet last month and the amount of clothing I bought for no other reason then I enjoy shopping was disturbing.

I am going to focus on putting my money towards well-made clothing that I can style and wear over and over.  Case in point, I bought this dress from The Limited two years ago and I love it.  This is the perfect office dress and can easily be worn after-hours and on weekends.  I’ve owned this blazer for five years, you guys have seen me wear it here, here, and here.

Fashion and shopping trends have changed dramatically.  If you want to know more about how fast fashion is changing our economy and environment check out the documentary “True Cost” on Netflix.

What are your shopping habits? Are you into trends or do you prefer classic fashion?