Girl Talk: My Confidence Story


Curves and Confidence was created five years ago because as a blog reader myself I didn’t see many style blogs that represented “in between” women.  Not plus-sized and not your standard straight size.  I have always been pear-shaped but I haven’t always embraced it.  At one point I hated having full hips and a round butt.  I wanted to be able to just grab a pair of jeans off the rack and have them fit perfectly without having to size up or deal with waist gapping. The obnoxious stares and propositions that I started receiving at the age of fourteen didn’t make me feel any better about myself. If anything it made me feel even more self-conscious about my body.  However, over time I finally accepted who I was but not without bumps along the way.  Once I let go of how I “should” look it became easier to just be myself.

I enjoy sharing my personal style with you guys because I know how frustrating it is trying to discover your personal identity. For the longest time, I was trying to be what I thought would make other people happy.  Curves and Confidence help me discover its cool to stop stressing over other peoples standards. To some people clothes are meaningless and they could care less about how amazing you feel about that new pair of leopard pumps you found or why you are so hype over a skirt you’ve been eyeing that finally went on sale. For me, a great outfit can make or break my day.  I always team overdressed and I love it, its who I am.

I never started my blog as a declaration of anything except that I am a young business professional that loves clothes and shopping.  I am a woman that wants to inspire other women to look great no matter what.  For new and old readers, Curves and Confidence is the journey of a professional woman that was once at her lowest point five years ago but worked hard to become the woman I am today.  This is my confidence story.