The Basics


| Blazer – F21 | Dress – HM | Purse – Target  | Belt – Loft | Pumps – BCBG  |
| Bracelets – HM |

Wearing a basic blazer and dress to work isn’t always so bad.  I honestly get tired of trying to reinvent my clothes on a daily basis.  I have created (in my mind) this exceptional standard when it comes to my appearance and sometimes I’m not here for it.  This outfit is something I pulled out my closet right before work and I think it came together nicely.

Of course adding little details to an outfit is what keeps basic from being boring.  For instance instead of just wearing my hair pulled back I did a quick side twist.  I kept my earrings simple so they wouldn’t over power my hair.  My blazer is nothing exceptional but the puff sleeves are a cute detail.  I had to add a waist belt to pull everything in. Lastly, I stacked on several sparkly bracelets and wore leopard pumps because they both go with everything, right?