Pencil Pusher

| T-shirtThe Limited | SkirtExpress | NecklaceF21 | Shoes – Jessica Simpson |
| Purse – Ralph Lauren |


Oh how I love pencil skirts and I wear them frequently.  Admittedly this particular skirt looks good, maybe a little to good for work.  I love my curves but damn sometimes they are a blessing and a curse.   

“She get it from her momma..You can’t tie a sweater over that a**, or hide it in pajamas”

I feel like no matter what I wear my booty is always going to be present and accounted for.  While everyone is doing a thousand squats at the gym I’m on the treadmill running a hundred and one miles trying to leave this thing behind.  I didn’t intend for this post to turn into a rant about booty problems but I am not always confident.  This is the one thing I get self-conscious about from time to time. Mostly because of the stares, the gawking and the out-of pocket comments from men and women.  Looks like I will be wearing a blazer with this skirt the next time I pull it out the closet, lol.