Dressed For Success

| Dress – Calvin Klein | Sandals – DebShops | Purse – Target |

Several well fitted work dresses is a must for any woman’s wardrobe.  I am probably biased in making that statement because I love dresses.  However, I have a great appreciation for the female form and love to see a woman fitted in clothing.  My new seamstress has given me a new appreciation for my clothes, old and new.  All the little nips and tucks she does are fantastic; which makes is easy for me to drop clothes off to her on a bi-weekly basis.

When I was younger I would get discouraged about clothing not fitting me right off the rack.  It really made me feel like I didn’t fit in.  I struggled a lot with my personal style because I was trying to mimic what I saw other people do instead of figuring out what worked for me.  I am much happier person now that I realize that I don’t need to fit into anyone’s idea of what I should be.  If I like I buy it and if it needs to be “snatched” I get it done.