Weekend Wear: Blazer & Shorts

 * Blazer – Zara * Tee – Limited * Shorts – Oldnavy * Sandals – Lauren by Ralph Lauren *
I have a love/hate relationship with shorts and I
can only wear them when I am having a feel good day.  For the most part I feel good in just about
everything I wear but shorts are  hit or miss with me.  I must say I was feeling myself when I put
together this outfit for Ashley’s Sassy Hat Birthday Brunch.  There aren’t really many instances where
short shorts are appropriate but if you ask me adding a blazer makes just about
everything appropriate.  Okay, probably not
but I was determined to pull off the shorts and blazer look.    I
survived wearing shorts the entire day without having one negative thing to say
about myself! Baby steps right?

What are some clothing items you have a love/hate relationship with?