Weekend Wear: Jessica Simpson Eve


* Blazer – H&M * T-Shirt – Oldnavy * Jeans – Gap * Shoes – Jessica Simpson via Macy’s *
I have a confession…I stalk shoes online.  What’s worse is I stalk shoes for other people.  My friends and family all task me with finding them shoes amongst other things.  I think I like the challenge of finding what I want for the lowest price.  Case in point, I have had my eye on these Jessica Simpson shoes since late December but I was not paying $98, so I waited and waited.  Finally, Macy’s marked them down to $41 with an additional 10% off last weekend.  

The Prissy Shopper would be so proud! Never Pay Retail.

Let’s hear it what are your methods for getting great deals on clothes and shoes?  I can’t be the only person that is obsessed with getting great discounts.