Bold Blossoms


* BlazerF21 * PantsVictoria’s Secret * Belt – Target * Clutch – F21 *
I must start by saying I felt very bright and bold when I wore this to work.  I even had second thoughts about my outfit as I left my apartment.  Wearing floral automatically makes a statement, but the addition of the red pants really made me feel out there.  Not out there in a bad way, out there as in “this is something Shea wouldn’t normally wear”.  You guys know I love my black and white but after awhile that becomes too predictable.  I did commit to trying new things in my style resolutions and this is definitely new for me.
I eventually stopped worrying about my outfit and actually enjoyed it.  I love this blazer and can’t wait to wear it again and of course these dress pants are everything!  I foresee many colorful outfits in the near future.  Also, a world of caution if you had your eye on this blazer, it’s more on the lightweight side. 

Also, I will be moderating the BLM (Bloggers Like Me) Chat this Thursday on twitter.  You can join in and stay up to date by following @blmgirls and me @CurveeBeauty.  The chat will be centered on meeting new people and networking at events.  If you’re a blogger and you haven’t already join Bloggers Like Me what are you waiting for!  The group is private so I can’t link it here but I recommend it to anyone that blogs, is thinking about blogging, has fallen off from blogging or just wants to start blogging.  With over 900 members this group is always supportive, informative and caring, I really love these ladies!

  • Tye

    Shae I'm so in love with this look…everything is on point! I think pairing the red pants with the floral blazer was perfect.


  • Chi-Chi Agu

    the blazer is lovely – it's eye catching, but not too "in your face"

    a nice reminder that Spring should arrive soon…..

  • Rj_pedro

    I love the colors and it suits you perfect. You look amazing Shea….

  • Style4Curves


  • Juleeramsey

    you look  GREAT !! I love this outfit so freaking MIA !

  • I am SO glad you ended up wearing this to work.  The blazer is so beautiful and those trousers look AMAZING on you!  Great combo!

  • This is such a fab look! I want those pants. Awe, I'll be in class tomorrow, so I'll miss the chat. I'll be sure to check it out after. Do well, vbff! 

  • AH! you look SO ready for spring!!! just beautiful!

  • Shea!  You look amazing my dear!  Love this on you. 🙂

  • Missy May

    Mamamia…You look amazing…lovely colours.

  • in love with your blazer!

  • Catarina

    Fabulous! You look great : )

  • Love it, you nailed this look!!!   I have been eyeing that blazer at F21 for a while and I think it's time for me to get it.  🙂

    Carsedra of:

  • Chiquita

    Love this outfit. You look great!

  • melissa ward

    Gorge pictures!!!!! Luv this from head to toe that blazer is everything

  • love this outfit, shea! i wish they had that blazer in my size 🙁

  •  They have all sizes are still available =) I am wearing a large if that helps.

  • Beautiful Me

    Lovin the 'fit!!  The colors are gorge, and you look amazing!

  • That blazer!!!

  • That blazer!!!

  • Heeba

    Beautiful Outfit you look gorgeous i dont think i can pull this off except its in a darker shade as i am light skinned and i will just stand way out (in a nice way)  btwn i am one of your lurkers never posted but could not hold my self back today

  • cutie

    hey!! you look stunning as always. What size did you get this blazer in?

  • cutie

    just saw you got it in large from another comment 🙂 thanks

  • you are showing off Shea!!!! SO FAB! I love those pans! and that blazer! STUNNING!

  • I love it! The red pants are lovely.

    Brittany x

  • Quana

    I love the look!  What made you go for the lighter colored floral blazer? Do you own the black one as well?

  • Faragindin

    On point…outfit is perfect! Can't wait to duplicate it,

  • Hi, I'm new to your blog and I must say you give me fashion motivation. Love this look and look forward to seeing more.

  • Lovely ! Really well done. 
    So lucky for the nice weather you got there. Cannot wait for London to be sunny again !


    I love this look. Its fun, Its stylish, it exudes confidence. I have am now consdering bottoms from Victoria Secret.

  • MarieYoung

    This outfit is "EVERYTHING"!  Girl those red pants are too cute!!! Yes, BLM girls are very supportive and I enjoy the group very much too!

  • G.

    You are absolutely stunning!!! Love your style

  • Yoyosfashions


  • Dr Carrie G

    This outfit is amazing. I'm so jealous I'm going to buy it now. Just a quick question though, when you say the jacket is lightweight, do you mean it's not suitable for cold weather or that it's flimsy?

  • Erika T aka Diva

    I love this look!

  • Anonymous

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