Bold Blossoms


* BlazerF21 * PantsVictoria’s Secret * Belt – Target * Clutch – F21 *
I must start by saying I felt very bright and bold when I wore this to work.  I even had second thoughts about my outfit as I left my apartment.  Wearing floral automatically makes a statement, but the addition of the red pants really made me feel out there.  Not out there in a bad way, out there as in “this is something Shea wouldn’t normally wear”.  You guys know I love my black and white but after awhile that becomes too predictable.  I did commit to trying new things in my style resolutions and this is definitely new for me.
I eventually stopped worrying about my outfit and actually enjoyed it.  I love this blazer and can’t wait to wear it again and of course these dress pants are everything!  I foresee many colorful outfits in the near future.  Also, a world of caution if you had your eye on this blazer, it’s more on the lightweight side. 

Also, I will be moderating the BLM (Bloggers Like Me) Chat this Thursday on twitter.  You can join in and stay up to date by following @blmgirls and me @CurveeBeauty.  The chat will be centered on meeting new people and networking at events.  If you’re a blogger and you haven’t already join Bloggers Like Me what are you waiting for!  The group is private so I can’t link it here but I recommend it to anyone that blogs, is thinking about blogging, has fallen off from blogging or just wants to start blogging.  With over 900 members this group is always supportive, informative and caring, I really love these ladies!