Wish List


 * Blouse – Forever 21 * Skirt – The Limited * Necklace – Forever 21 * 
* Bracelets – Gifted * Pumps – Chinese Laundry *
It’s Monday…woo-hoo! Okay I am not really that excited, but I am blessed to see another Monday.  I did have the opportunity to catch up on my outfit pictures Saturday afternoon.  However I was out of commission on Sunday, thanks to something I ate on Saturday.  I spent the entire day couch surfing while switching between Law and Order: SVU and Twilight.
Lately my outfits have been coming together effortlessly, those days make me happy.   Other times I just stand in my closet and look around as if I don’t have anything at all to wear.  Those are the times when I buy new clothes knowing full well I have plenty I can already choose from.   As I stated before I have been keeping a wish list of items I want to purchase.  So far I have done well sticking to it.  I can mark off the following items:
Cute flats (I still need a few more pairs)
Slim fit dress pants (I still need a red pair and maybe a green pair)
Keeping a list has worked so far, one month down, eleven to go.  Are you guys sticking to your style resolution or have you given up already?