Trending: Faux Leather

* Blazer – H&M * Peplum – Bloomingdale’s * Trousers – Zara * Pumps – Jessica Simpson *

leather is everywhere and I have given into this trend and purchased
several pieces recently.  A faux leather peplum was on the top of my list
after seeing this post from Ty of Words and Wardrobe.   
This peplum was doomed from the start, have
you ever tried on something and it was just a smidge too tight…I tried on a
medium but felt like I needed a medium and a half.  Of course medium and a half doesn’t exist so
I went up a size and felt confident about my purchase.  Like any shopaholic I forgot all about the dang top for a month!  Fast forward to yesterday, I am excited to
wear my new peplum and new collarless blazer. 
As soon as I put my blazer on over the peplum I felt like at 13 year old
boy, this top wasn’t doing anything for me but I wasn’t giving up on it yet!  I had a particularly busy day at work and was
on my feet for most of the day; the worst day to have on a top that doesn’t breathe, I felt like I was wearing a trash bag! 

all trends translate well in real life. However I will not give up on this top; after a trip to the seamstress it should be perfect.

What current
trend ended up falling flat for you in real life?