Weekend Wear: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans



* Tank – Target * Jeans – Old Navy * Wedges – Target * Purse – TJ Maxx *
If I had a uniform this would most definitely be it.  I am such a jeans and tank top girl, it really doesn’t get anymore comfy than this.  The great thing about living in Miami is I can throw this on whenever and head out the door.
Last week Old Navy had a sale on their Rockstar Jeggings/Jeans, they claim to have more stretch so they fit everyone.  I bought two pairs of these prior to the Rockstar being re-innovated.  I love that they come in a variety of colors but the sizing and lengths are way off.  I mean way off! I had to purchase my jeans two sizes up and one length longer.  Of course having to do that causes major gapping at the waist.  I always have to wear a belt with these jeans.  So while they are super cute and come in a variety colors keep that in mind if you plan to purchase them.
Anyone take advantage of the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans sale?

  • Ticka

    I got mine before the resizing and stuff too. I was able to get them in my right size though… I have the gaping in the back problem, but that always happens for me. This "donk" is always messing up the fit of my jeans! LOL!

    You look super cute! Love the simple tank and the jeans, with the pop of leopard. And you already know how I feel about the puff. Get it!!

  • I have heard about others having fit issues b/c the colored jeans have a different amount of stretch than the regular denim ones.  I got 2 pair in 2 different sizes (my regular & one size up) and after a few wears my regular size stretched out a bit & fit perfectly. 
    I love your shoes & the huge puff! 

  • I'm loving this look from the hair to the shoes! I've heard mixed reviews on the fit of those pants but they look great on you 🙂

  • This is why I can't deal with Old Navy and their jeans, even though they were marketed for us curvy ladies!!  Definitely a cute look!!!

  • dreaminofme18

    love them I have yet to try a pair yet 

  • Style & Poise
  • I bought a long while ago in eletric blue before they resized and they fit amazingly good.
    These new rockstar are awful. Too tight. Too lowrise. Wayyyyy too short.
    Looks good on you, though.

  • I bought a long while ago in eletric blue before they resized and they fit amazingly good.
    These new rockstar are awful. Too tight. Too lowrise. Wayyyyy too short.
    Looks good on you, though.

  • Yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    You look great!! Jeans are a great fit!!

  • Melissafff

    Love this casual look

  • I love this entire look! It's so efortless and chic!
    I always get the Sweetheart Denim when I go to Old Navy.
    Its supposed to be made for people with fuller hips, like me.

  • 7eventh Letter

    I haven't gotten any yet, totally missed out on the sale (they need to run it back, LOL!), but now I'm interested and a bit skeptical to try them on because of the fitting and sizing issues you presented. 

    7eventh Letterwww.whatsmoreimportantthanfashion.com

  • Eesh

    I LOVE those wedges! I got a pair of Old Navy's rock star jeans in red as well and I love em!


  • I haven't yet. Love the look. Is that necklace from Zara?

  •  Forever 21, purchased recently =)

  • Love it! Such a cute outfit. You look chic and comfy at the same time.

  • love the simplicity of this outfit!!
    Any workout tips?? 🙂


  • Prototype Mama

    loving this outfit– jeans are my favorite– you can either dress them up or dress them down but either way you can still look fly– great outfit!

  • Mrstamtam

    So simple and cute…thanks for the sizing info on the jeans.

  • Test

  •  Test

  • Same here and because they have so much stretch in them, then end up being baggy in parts that I hate, but they are so comfortable.

  • Really cute outfit, love the jeans and leopard wedges!!!

    Carsedra of:



  • You better werk girl!! I love your hair!!  I brought a pair of the navy blue/polka dot rockstar jeans. The fitting is indeed way off. They say that the pants are super skinny, but theyre not. I also had to go up a size. 

  • Ummm….girlfriend….your hair is AMAZING!!! I love it!

  • You look so cute!! Love the puff and those wedges 🙂


  • Love this look! I haven't tried those jeans, and since you have to size up like that they probably would not work on me. I can't wait till I get a major puff like that! FABULOUS! 

  • GP

    Yes! a uniform is exactly what I thought when I saw this look.  A casual, sexy, cool uniform! LOL!  Puff is AMAZE!

  • Yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Don't know how I miss this look stylish and super cute!! Love how you added the leopard wedges!! Jeans fit you great!! You go girl!

  • Yes! I bought three pairs, and YES I want all the way up to a size 10 (I'm a 6).  I'm short, so I don't mind that the length, but they run SO small!

  • Kurves E Zine

    Yes! I got a pair in Orange that I love.

  • Miss Rockwell

    Oh gosh! I got a pair of red polka dot ones and I didn't try them on before I left…still haven't worn them so I'm hoping that they fit. :-0


  • jade4maureen

    I love this  outfit combination.. I have a huge love for white vest tops and ofcourse the colour red is just perfect.