Highs and Low’s

* Blazer – Forever 21 * Tank – Target * Skirt – Target * Belt – Forever 21 * Wedges – Nine West *

strikes again!  When I purchased this skirt (back in May) I wanted every
color, however I knew logically I would only get one.  I didn’t think I
would ever like anything high-low but once I spotted this skirt in Target I
knew it would be perfect and I was right.  I love how flowy it is, I feel
like am walking on a runway when ever the slightest breeze blows, lol. 
Another trend conquered! 
jury is still out on these wedges, I keep trying to make myself like them!
Ugh…I wish I would have read this blog post by the fabulous Prissy Shopper before making
this purchase.  It’s all about staying true to your brand.  I think I
might take them to my shoe guy and have them dye the snakeskin black or