Skirting the Issue

* Cardigan (worn backwards) – Nordstrom Rack * Skirt – Forever 21 * T-strap sandals – Steve Madden *
* Ring – Forever 21 * Bracelets – Local store *
I just realized something while editing my pictures this morning, I hardly ever wear pants anymore.  I got rid of all my work pants last year except a few pairs and said I would start over fresh.  Well since then I have purchased maybe three pairs and two of them I have only worn once! I don’t like shopping for pants, I guess that’s why I don’t really have any.  I have yet to come across the perfect fitting dress pant.  I am tired of always having to get my pants altered because they are always too big in the waist.  Why do all that when I can find a beautiful skirt or dress that fits me perfectly.  Summer is approaching anyway I am going to leave the pants for winter and show off these legs! 
With all that being said I LOVE the skirt I am wearing today, the length is perfect it has an exposed zipper in the back, it is fully lined and the front pleating is just right.  Oh and it polka dot!