Grey and Gloomy


*Blazer – Express/Thrifted * Tank – Love Culture * Slacks – Baladino * Necklace – Forever 21 * 
* Earrings – Forever 21 * Bracelets – JcPenney & H&M * Pumps – Steve Madden *
Another rainy day in Miami, this gloomy weather does not make for good
outfit pictures, so excuse the darkness of my pictures.  I really wanted to wear something colorful
today but I will save it for a nicer day.
Is it just me or did January fly by; let’s see Valentine’s Day is
coming up and a three day weekend (President’s Day).  February also means my shopping budget starts
over.  I have restricted myself to a
monthly shopping budget of $100; I actually came in at $94 for the month of
January!  I am also working on becoming a
better shopper i.e. trying on everything before I leave the store, returning
items I don’t want promptly, purchasing items I can easily work into my
wardrobe, and not making impulse buys because something is on sale.  I am SO guilty of buying stuff just because
it is on sale.  Let’s see how well I do
for the month of February.
To stay on track I will continue to remix my current clothes, even when
I go out.  For me this means actually
thinking about what I want to wear a couple days prior.  If not I will surely run out and buy
something just because, lol.  I am only
purchasing items unique to my closet, no more repeats!  I also need to rotate my shoes more, I take
the time to put together my outfits but I am so lazy when it comes to picking
out my shoes. 
All those goals are obtainable! Is anyone else working on their
shopping habit?