Fancy Pants

* Deninm Jacket – Oldnavy * Gingham shirt – Oldnavy * Tank – Hanes * Pants – Oldnavy *
* Pumps – Jessica Simpson*

Hey! I missed you guys; I have been busy getting ready for finals and class presentations! Of the four classes I am taking I know for sure I have two A’s so far.  Next week Monday is my finance final and Wednesday is my Earth science final.  Then I can relax and celebrate!  It’s just me and my doggie and these classes keep my busy.  I take my hat off to anyone that has a family to take care of, works full time and school still makes time for school, you guys rock!

I love these pink pants from Oldnavy, these were purchased during the 30% off sale they had back in Oct.  I wish they came in more colors because I paid less than $10 for these fancy pants.  I am actually wearing Oldnavy head to toe expect my shoes; which I hadn’t realized until I got ready to take my pictures.  Oldnavy really has stepped it up, their nicer pieces are little pricier but I just wait for them to go on clearance!  My pictures could have been sooooo much better but I rushed through them because my battery was dying.  Happy Friday!