Curvy and Confident!

* Dress – Oldnavy * Booties – DSW * Clutch – LAMB *

You guys ever wear something that
makes you say “daaaaammmmmmn” when you look at yourself in the
mirror? A piece of clothing that makes you feels so good about yourself you
don’t want to take it off? Well, this Oldnavy Midi Sweater dress does all that
and more!  This dress was floating around the blogger world and I knew I
needed it once I saw Ms. Shakiyla, from I Wanna Be Fierce, shut it down!
This dress was perfect for dinner
and drinks on South Beach.  I was kind of feeling myself the entire night,
definitely curvy and confident.   
P.S. Sorry for the parking garage
pics but I was rushing =/

  • ***SCREAMSS***
    VBFF, you look amazing in this dress!!! It's perfection on you and yes, I would be feeling myself too!!

    I want that dress so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  • Ashley

    HAUTE GAL! Very cute. You look stunning my love! I love your boots!!

  • Vanessa Lewis

    As a thick girl I often shy away from stripes but you are killing them out there!  This is one of my favorite looks on you. Your blog is on my google reader so I never really do much more than check out the outfits but  I had to comment. Great look girl! 

  • Holy WOW!!! That is one amazing colorblock dress…..and you look fabulous in it….!!

    Twitter Tuesday is back! Come meet Keiko Lynn!! 

  • Just Daisy

    You have every right to feel that way, you look amazing in that dress honey!


  • Tee Mac

    This dress just doesn't miss!  I love it! Looking good lady!


  • WOW!!! You look amazing!

  • I have this dress, and I LOVE it!!! It looks fabulous on you!!

  • SouthFlaCutie

    SO I never ever comment….. but this dress is GORG just GORG and you are working it!!!!! I tracked the dress  down on ebay and about to place my order. I must have it…   

  • C'mon son ya killin' me…..*Bows all the way down* I have this dress too, but I don't look nearly as good as you do in it!  I was gonna post mine, but I think I'ma wait…and wear a jacket, lol.  You look fab!

  • Daaaaaaaaamn is right!  You look amazing in this dress!  Thank you so much for all your kind words on my engagement.  I might indeed be asking your advice.  My fiance has to go to Qatar for two months next October.  🙁  I'm so nervous! 

  • dreaminofme18

    GIRL GIRL GIRL I got back in the gym yesterday and I'm posting ur pic on my elliptical lolllllll ur curves look AMAZING in this dress I'd kill for the waistline tho!! lolll

  • Honey, that dress is nice…I want one.

  • Yourlocalceleb

    You should be! Loving that dress on you and your face in that last photo 🙂


  • Msfarrah27

    Girl, you are working that dress!! GET IT GIRL, LOL
    what nail polish are you wearing?

  • Toni Carr

    Dayum is right!!  You are wearing this dress Honey!! I have it also.. but I'm not sure if my curves will look as fierce as yours in it 🙂

  • jade4maureen

    U look AMAZING girl, I love the colour block. 

  • I didn't even notice you were in a parking garage till I read the P.S.!! Banging dress!!

  • Shanticka Buchanan

    That dress is a personal favorite of mine. You look great in it!

  • SixTwentySeven

    I'm obsessed with this dress. It looks HOT on you and the shoes were the perfect choice. I'm glad you were feeling yourself… we all need nights like that. Styled perfectly from head to toe!

  • A R Hawkins

    That is such a great dress on you!!!

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  • I love this dress!  It looks very flattering on you =)  

    Those are also the cutest booties!

  • GP

    You better WERK!!! miss girl *snaps in Z formation* You look amazing in  this dress! I agree perfectly styled.

  • Stripes and curves are a great combo.  Very nice.

  • Honey Please!
    Didn't even notice the backdrop for looking at you in that DRESS!
    You look really pretty and actully the colors in the dress go with the darker background of the garage!
    Imma find me a sweater dress that works with my shapely shapeliness!

  • Pure Hotness! I love the colors of this dress and those booties are the business!!

  • Trice

    The daaaammmnnn outfits are my favorite ones! You look hawt in it! I may need to go scoop me one of these dresses….

  • i LOVE this dress on you!! you look great

  • Hot, hot, hot!!! You are werking that dress!

  • Style & Poise

    You better WERK..I don't know how I missed this post. Love love this look..the dress, the shoes, the minimal accessories it just flows so nicely!


  • Love the striped and colors in the dress. You are right it looks fabulous. Werk!

  • Ylong04

    I tracked it down to on eBay! You sold me, and I had to order it, too! I can't wait for it to arrive! :o) Thanks, C&C!

  • YES YES AND YES to this outfit! flattering in all the right places and such fun pop of colors!  Old NAvy has deff stepped their game up! I've been living in there all this week! LOL xoxo TY

  • J. Ray

    Go head Ms. Lady! Love the dress! I want one too…lol. Very nice!

  • Chi-Chi Agu

    daaaaaaaaaaammmmnnn! this outfit is banging!

  • How tall are you, Shea?