Super Easy DIY: Denim Vest

Hey guys! I found this great denim jacket at the Goodwill yesterday for $5. I originally wanted it because I had been searching for a light color denim jacket. However, I became discourage when I saw it was an extra small…but I figured what the hell I’m gonna try it on anyway…too small to wear as a jacket, lol.
But never one to give up, I got a brilliant idea. Turn this baby into a cropped denim vest! That’s exactly what I did tonight!
All you need is a a really sharp pair of scissors, I used my fabric scissors.
I cut the bulk of the sleeve off and then continued to cut off the excess on the shoulder seam, I kinda pushing the tip of the scissors under the seam cutting it really close.
One side down, one more to go!
All finished, took about 5 minutes because I stopped to take pics, super easy. Cropped denim vest for $5!