High Expectations

Every semester since I started working on my Bachelors degree I have been FORCED to work in groups for at least one of my classes. I HATE working in groups, I know I probably sound like I am not a team player and to be honest I’m not. I noticed that a lot of my classmates just come to school to get their financial aid check and don’t give a dang about learning anything. Myself on the other hand actual wants to retain some of the information that is being taught to me so I can apply it to real life situations in my current profession. I am just frustrated with always getting stuck with slackers and having to pull it together to ensure I get the grade I deserve. Okay, enough of my gripping, I have a presentation tomorrow and one more project due with these slackers and I am done with them for the semester. I take my school work very seriously, sometimes too seriously but I expect nothing but exceptional performance from myself. I have set the bar HIGH!
Once again I pulled out an outfit didn’t do my “try on” last night and it was a fail this morning. I figured my favorite yellow cardi, gold belt and trousers would look great together. I got this cardi in the girls section at Target, I went back last night to get the pink one and they were gone *sad face*. I probably didn’t need another one anyway, lol.
Cardigan – Target
Tank – Target
Belt – Trifted
Denim Trousers – Express
Slingbacks – Steve Madden via 6pm.com

Accessories – Forever 21