Weave Experience ~ You will be amazed what $50 can do! 
amazed I was, I had the opportunity to visit The Weave Experience (WEX) prior
to the Christmas holiday.  Located in Miami Gardens, The Weave Experience is
open 7 days a week to fulfill all of your hair enhancement desires. 
Unlike other salons The Weave Experience has a walk-in only policy and
guarantees a wait time of 15 minutes or less and a completed style within 3

arrival LaJoyce the salon manager greets customers and begins the check in
process using state of the art salon management and POS (Point of Sale) software. 
A customer profile is created on the first visit and saved for future
visits.  Once a customer selects their services they are asked to review
and verbally agree to WEX’s customer service policy.  While the customer
service policy is lengthy it is to the customers benefit, The Weave Experience
wants to ensure your visit is a great one and every customer leaves WEX
satisfied.  Any issues that may arise will be handled immediately.

Customers have the option of
bring their own hair or purchasing hair on site.  The Weave Experience
does have the hair on display for review and LaJoyce is more than happy to help
customers select the texture that will best suit their needs.


the customer’s hair has been prepared for styling they are seated in a small
waiting area way from the salon floor.  Ladies you know how we feel about
other people seeing us with our hair half done!  Customers also have the
option of having their hair done in privacy area.  Say for instance you
suffer from alopecia or balding and aren’t comfortable with others seeing your
hair.  The Weave Experience will be more than happy to accommodate your

the customers hair is completed their stylist returns their ticket to the front
desk.  LaJoyce ensures the customer is satisfied with their services and
goes over the products need to maintain their style, which are sold on site as
well.  Customers will also receive a follow up email from The Weave
Experience detailing the necessary steps to maintain their style until their next


I really enjoyed visiting The
Weave Experience and meeting LaJoyce and the staff.  LaJoyce and I have
interacted on social media several times and it was great being able to meet
her in person.  Now we just need to setup that shopping date we keep
talking about, lol.

Be sure to follow all of
WEX’s (The Weave Express)  social media hangouts

all of you South Florida ladies you can visit WEX at:
NW 2nd Ave
FL 33169
10am – 8pm   
– Wed:
12pm- 8pm  
– Fri:
10am – 8pm 
– Sun:

     8am – 6pm

you stop by The Weave Experience be sure to tell LaJoyce Shea sent you! 


  1. mstennis27

    This is a great post and it came at exactly the right time! I am planning on moving to Florida for an internship and I was so worried I would not be able to find a place to have my hair done. I cannot wait to try this place out! Thank you for this post you have saved my hair! 🙂

  2. SixTwentySeven

    Was this review based on a walk-thru or actually getting the service done yourself? I'd be interesting in seeing what your thoughts were on the hair, quality of the sew-in for the price, differences in the sew-ins per price range, and how long it lasted. 

  3. I did a walk thru and was able to see a customers hair finished who was very satisfied and another customer come in and have her hair started.  For $5o you will get a basic sew-in, styling and cutting would be extra.  As you move up in price the technique enhances and you can always add on additional services to your package.  So they have a package to fit everyone's budget.  They did sell indian remy hair but I can't attest to the quality, we all know all indian remy hair is not created equal.  I personally like versatilty so I would probably opt for the Be Epic sew-in. 

    My blogger boo Dionne actually had her hair done, you can see her review here:

  4. rhonda long

    We have them here in DC and I've always wanted to try them. I may just go ahead and do that! Thanks for the post! 

  5. Ibleedpink

    The concept of this sounds so professional, I love it.  I wish we had these where I live at, because it sounds really cool.

  6. Krystal TheImage Gyrl Jones

    Hey, Timeka..have you tried The Weave Shop-Atlanta? They have locations throughout Georgia and its a different company but the same concept..I think I heard someone mention Alabama..

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