* Skirt – Ebay * Blazer – Forever 21 * Belt – Forever 21 * Sandals – Ralph Lauren *


I purchased this skirt (worn as a dress) during my floral
phase and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to wear it.  Last week I had an aaahhh moment when I saw
NeShanta of Stylish She wearing a pleated skirt as a dress! Good idea right, so
I decided to be a total copy cat and finally bring out this floral beauty. This
is one reason I love blogging and blogs, inspiration is all over the place.  
A major crisis has been averted this skirt lives to see
another day and avoids the Goodwill pile. 



  1. What a great idea!  A skirt as a dress…nice way to take full advantage of the wardrobe and up the ante with more options.  Love it!

    p.s.  I wanted to do some style on my blog but I'm too scared.  That was the plan but..it just too nerve racking.  maybe one day I'll get the courage..LOL

  2. What a great skirt/dress!  I love that about blogging–you get so inspired by others.  I know that before blogging I would have never thought to do this and it totally works!

  3. I already pinned this look on Pinterest lol! I love your skirt/dress and the blazer sets it off mama 🙂 


  4. LA Lynn's

    IKR!!!! Blogs are wayyy better than Fashion Mags!!!! Loving the print of the dress and like how you styled it!

  5. Fredetta

    pretty print and look! love when one piece can be converted into other things!

  6. Cute look. Love the white blazer, this post just reminded me how much I need to get a new one. 

  7. Yes! I love blogging for that same reason! Very cute! You styled it perfectly with the blazer too!

  8. Girl you sound like me…I always say to myself I love blogging for all the great ideas!  This right here is just as fantastic as the backwards cardi.  Way to finish it off with the blazer!


  9. chioma anosike

    this look is so pretty on you! I've been looking for a white blazer everywhere! And yes girl, blogging has given me so much inspiration! 🙂


  10. Nice inspiration.  I may steal this idea as well!

  11. Wow,what a cute outfit,its beautiful,I had a long white maxi I got from forever 21 in Dubai and when I wore it,I din't like it,I later made it a dress and I liked it,will post some photos soon and you are an inspiration.

  12. I have so many skirts like this that I've thrifted over the years that look HORRIBLE styled as skirts, but are FIYAH worn as dresses. Seeing this post today just saved a few of those from my Goodwill pile as well…LOL


  13. addicted 2 Etsy

    I adore the floral (Skirt into) dress, white blazer combo. Like others have said, have to steal this…now I'm really going to have to get a white blazer.

    p.s.- Thanks 4 the support

  14. The Prissy Shopper

    You know I LOVE you in color! Just lovely!!!

  15. CUTE!! I have thrifted pleated skirt that's been in the closet for months, you've inspired me to wear it soon!!

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