* Cardigan – Target * Skirt – Lord and Taylor Outlet * Pumps – Steve Madden via DSW * 
* Earrings – Forever21 * Ring – Charlotte Russe *
I am in love! I didn’t think
I would able to say that again anytime soon but this skirt has stolen my
heart.  You won’t be able to tell me nothing today with this bad boy on!
This skirt was love at first try on, but I thought it might be too dressy for work.  I originally
planned on wearing a plain tee in an attempt to dress it down.  It was cute but I didn’t like it.  So I decided to try wearing a cardigan backwards
since whatever I wore would need to be tucked in. Ha! It worked; my fave
leopard cardi, seen here, did the trick. 
Thanks to Ashley, I found
this beautiful skirt at the Lord and Taylor outlet in Dolphin Mall. That store is truly an
outlet; the discounts ran from 20% to 90%.  My skirt was originally $49.85 with 60%
off I paid $19.94 plus tax.   At
first I was like Ashley why the heck did you bring me in this store, lol. 
But after I dug in and really started looking in the racks I found some
great pieces, I even got a pair of pants for $2.90!  If
you are in the Miami area check out the Lord and Taylor outlet at
Dolphin Mall, you won’t be disappointed.  The savings are phenomenal! You just need to have patience unlike me, lol.


  1. I love that cardigan! You look amazing miss!

  2. OMG…I love it!  That skirt is gorgeous!  The cardigan…forward, backward, it works!  Now…umm you are the second person I have seen wear the backward cardi and I am amazed how well it works.  You have inspired me to try it soon. 🙂  This is why I love blogging.  You all are inspiring!


  3. Love Love the outfit! I told you Lord and Taylor was the SPOT! lol. I was there this past Saturday to return some shoes and I got a dress that was originally $194.00 for only $10.00. Crazy!


  4. Girl, super cute!! I love this look on you!! I can see why you are in love with this skirt!!

  5. Love that skirt. Ashley loves taking people to the dolphin mall. lol. I need to plan a trip to Miami to hit up the Lord and Taylor outlet asap!

  6. Girl you look AMAZING!! That skirt is everything and I am really feeling your new "DO"!! You have such a tiny waist! Kiah

  7. Rashidah

    I would have never thought to wear the cardigan backwards. I love it

  8. This is a gorgeous outfit! The skirt and the fit of it is amazing!! And wearing the cardigan backwards is so ingenious! I must try that!


  9. I love the this skirt! It's so fancy lol It can be styled so many ways. You look gorgeous and the backward cardigan was a great idea!

  10. Jadie Yamil

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love your style and your BUDGET GIRL!!! SUPER FAB!! You have inspired me!

  11. Thriftydyva

    Such a cute skirt! You can style that so many ways….

  12. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    you look stunning honey the skirt fits you like a glove and that top and shoes soo pretty great look you are tiny around the waist wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  13. Mrs. Admin

    I love this outfit! You look glam as always 🙂

  14. OMG! Note to self: Must visit Dolphin Mall on next trip to S. Fl.  Hot outfit, even hotter deals! 

    Gotta love it!  You look great girl! WERK IT!

  15. OMG! This look is soooo pretty! I love it! :))
    I'm loving the bangs too! 

  16.  Thank you, I actually saw a pic on pinterest, and thought it looked kinda fly.  You should try it!

  17.  We are a perfect shopping match because I love dragging people there too! It is always on the list when I out of town visitors.

  18.  Thank you! This was a last minute "ahhh moment" I was about to give up on wearing the skirt. 

  19.  Thank you Carsedra, and I am sure I got a few side eyes from folks.  No one really dresses up where I work.

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