So I decided to go the beach today and relax a little.  Unfortunately the beaches down here are being invaded by jelly fish, boo! I did get my feet wet a little before a jelly fish got too close for comfort.  I was still able to enjoy the beach and get take a few pics.  My trip ended early when I saw a couple engaging in sexual activities right out in the open, smh.  The sun wasn’t even down, and there were kids around.  Maybe they weren’t aware that the clothing optional beach was on the other side of the fence!

Fedora – Forever 21 Mens

Bikini – Target


  1. boo hoo to the gold fish… You have a good shape

  2. Ibleedpnk

    So jealous of this cute little shape you have!! GROSS and GROSS, people have no shame!

  3. Ok, I need your work out tips vbff!
    You look amazing!
    and jellyfish. ooh :/

    that couple is horrible! ugh! 

  4. Princessghee

    you have such a cute shape. hella jealous. Love the fedora even though i think my head is to darn big to wear them

  5. Jelly fish always ruin the fun.  I can NOT stand those things! YUCK!  Wow at the folks getting it in!
      I swear you have the best shape! I'm SO hating right now, I want some hips!  I only have tiny little hip "pockets' as I call them. lol

  6. oooh a Jelly Fish? I mean, I don't want it to touch me, but I would love to see one up close! I need to make my way down to Miami, pronto!

  7. Thanks, try a Fedora from the men's section.  I bought a large mens and it fits perfect for my big ole five head, lol. 

  8. Fierce! What is your workout regimen?! You look great — I could only wish to rock a two piece!

  9. Ok you killing that bathing suit. Hat looks amazing. I wish I was able to get to the beach before the semester started, ah well.

  10. Urban Studies with a minor in Behavioral Psych = tons of reading, lol

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