I love effortless outfits…I went to work super casual and comfy today.  I scored these really cute boat shoes from Old Navy last week for less than $20 and I had a coupon for 30%.  I really wanted them in red but they were sold out.  Once again I am wearing my white slim jeans, love these things! I am definitely getting a few more washes when Levis has another sale. 
I was wondering if the no white after Labor Day “rule” still applies? Good thing about living down here in Miami is it’s always hot so we kind of do what we want, lol.  

Oh and I finally bought some colored skinny jeans, cobalt blue and azalea pink!  Both Jeimy and Maria spoke highly of the City Street brand from JcPenney, and for $20 I figured it couldn’t hurt to give them a try.  They colors are so vibrant, I love it…however they will have to be taken in at the waist major gapping =(  I am still waiting on my red pair from Old Navy hopefully they will fit better. 

Stripe top – H&M
Jeans – Levis Curve ID
Boat shoes – Old Navy
Belt – Guess, this belt is 11 years old! 
Ring – Bijuju.com
Earrings – JcPenney


  1. really like the boat shoes!  I feel so bad I don't think I wore white all summer! :-/  Oh I take that back! One dress that was white but that was it.  Didn't even pull out my other white clothes. Anyhow, you look super cute!

  2. LOve this look! Very nautical and relaxed! I love white just as much as you do!  LOL And who follows the no white after Labor day rule? I never did so why start? 

    xoxo TY

  3. Awww you look so cute dear! I especially love the shoes and pants. I've been searching and searching for white pants. I haven't had any luck 🙁

  4. Very cute and trust you can rock white jeans whenever you want! #POW  (esp when you look like that in em)

  5. shorterk

    You look great as always!  Love the nautical loojk on you and you wear white nicely!  Everyone can't pull off all white!  The shoes are too cute!

  6. Love the white. You look great!  I am with the 'do what we want' when it applies to the no white/Labor Day and everything else. We should all 'do us'. 🙂

  7. Thank you Veronica, I decided the white jeans will be worn in the winter! I think they would look great with the fall colors.

  8. Very cute!! I'm not a big fan of stripes but you make it look so polished! I luv the boat shoes too– get em in all colors!! lol!

  9. girl, i am loving this outfit! Nautical chic! I want to be brave and rock all white as fiercely as you, but I am such a punk.  lol

  10. Kerissa Blue

    Love this look. Nope we don't have to follow the fashion rules in South Florida. I never do! I want to try the City Street jeans also after seeing Jeimy rock a few of the colors on her blog. It may not look like it but I have a lot of problems with gapping. 

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