Not sure what I was looking at but at least you get a side view of my shoes

*Sigh* my brief summer break
is over, back to the books.  On a happier note my birthday is officially
30 days away, and my niece is due to arrive in 29 days!  Can’t wait to
meet her!  I need to do a post on all the cute clothes I have bought so

I am pushing my luck wearing
this blazer today.  I am so ready for cooler temperatures, I miss wearing
scarves, blazers, tights and booties. Considering it’s always freezing inside
my office and even worse at school, I will be okay. 

I am also wearing my new
“Fabulous” necklace; one of my co-workers just asked me if I really
thought I was fabulous.  My answer “of course!” lol.  

Blazer – Macys
Ruffle top – Express
Belt – Express
Knit skinnies – NY & Co.
Shoes – Jessica Simpson via Dillards

Necklace & Ring – Forever 21


  1. This is a great look on you. And can I just say I'm a little obsessed with Jessica Simpson shoes. These are hot! – Katy

  2. breezeybee

    you look really pretty and ur hair is amazing
    im ur new follower, check out my blog anf ollow if you like 🙂
    Breezeybee Blog

  3. Chic work look. My office is always freezing also. I tend to dress for inside since that is where I will be most of the day. Opposed to outside where I only go to walk to to my car. lol

  4. shorterk

    You look great!  Love the ruffled blouse and crisp white blazer.

  5. Fancy Darling!!!!! Loving the White Blazer. You go girl 🙂 

  6. Theariesnme

    Everytime I look at your blog/pictures, I always say how good your clothes "fit" you. I see how the right "fit" makes a polished look. I'm gonna have to break down and go to the tailor. What is it that you get done at the tailors? Do you get shirts fit as well.

  7. That Girl E...

    I love it, the colors go so well together.

  8. LOL!  Of course you are fabulous!  And you look great too!  Love the bright pink with the white blazer!

  9. Loving it. I have been an avid reader of your blog and I just wanted to comment and say I love your fashion very budget friendly.

  10. Princessghee

    really love the blazer im debating on what color to buy seeing as blazers are getting kind of pricey. i think im going to go with a black, and im super ready for fall

  11. RushOurFashion

    That blazer is perfection! I want it…..I also love the pop of pink you added to this classic color palette. The ruffles & girliness of the top of sooooooo pretty


  12. This is a gorgeous outfit!! Love the pop of color in your shirt!! I am so ready for cooler weather as well. Ive been buying so much blazers & wedge booties that I cant wait to wear. 


  13. Thank you. I was leary to wear them at work but then just took the chance and dressed them up. 

  14. Thanks for following!  Love your blog especially the manicure and nail posts!, I'm your 100th follower, yaay!

  15.  Thank you! Usually when I takemy  clothes to get altered it's usually to have the the waist taken in.  I also usually have shirts/dresses taken in on the sides and under the arms.  Hope that helps =)

  16. I like how you took those skinny pants and made them professional looking.
    I'm definately taking notes as I have oodles of skinny pants/jeans…

  17.  Girl you look hot!! I am feeling that top!! And yes, you are fabulous!!

  18. Those shoes are bad!!! This is such a chic outfit and that top is so pretty and the color is absolutely gorge!! Nice!

  19. Kerissa Blue

    Those shoes!!   I  still haven't found a white blazer.  Wish me luck. That cooler weather won't be showing up here for a while.

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