Day 3! Half way done. I knew I had to wear a blazer with this dress and I started out with my black and white striped H&M blazer I love sooooo much, but that seemed predictable. So I decided to switch it up and wear my striped belt and cream blazer. Instead of wearing the belt at my natural waist I have right up under my boobs for a high waisted look. I added my white and gold accessories and I think we have a winner today! Thanks for all the compliments about yesterdays look, as the day went on I felt a little more comfortable, you guys are the bestest ever!

Dress – Ross
Belt – Macy’s
Blazer – Macy’s
Shoes – Guess via DSW
Ring – Forever 21
Watched – Fossil, gifted

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  1. Tysha James

    YES YES YES  this is my fave outfit by far! love how you reworked this dress! the cream blazer  the belt the gold accessories you went harrrrrd! I  literally have no words for this, just let me swoon! xoxo Ty

  2. RitaMil27

    This looks so good! That belt is a great piece!


  3. Strictlihair

    You are doing such a FABULOUS job!! This look is so sophisticated! I cant wait to see what's next! 🙂

  4. Lexy_BeautyFash

    LOVE!!! that belt and that BLAZER!!! The fit and shoulders especially, so HOT!

  5. RushOurFashion

    I like the dress with the cream blazer! Cute! I also LOVE your watch. I want the MK one that looks like this


  6. Style & Poise

    Very nice look…so clean and classy! Love it!


  7. i just love yall for this challenge! if i wasn't so busy this week i would definitely join. that blazer is fabulous too.

  8. Kendra Silver

    This is it!!! I know we have a couple more days to go, but this look here is my favorite- so far! Nothing speaks classic & chic like a black & white (cream, etc.) combo!! You're such a fashion inspriation! Just goes to show that a few basic staple items combined with the right accessories can go a long way!  

  9. Black and white has never looked so good. I really love this combo because I am always questioning myself when I want to wear my white blazer. This contrast looks so amazing and smart! The belt and shoes ties it all together perfectly. 

  10. This one is my fav!! I LOVE a crisp white blazer and black and white is so elegant and classic!!

  11. Kerissa Blue

    This one is my favorite so far. The blazer and belt gave the dress new life (not that it was dead in the other posts, lolol), The styling here really made it another look. You are doing a great job. I'm reallly looking forward to the final days. 

  12. Love how you did this!! Very classy and I love how you make the details (watch, ring, belt) work! Definitely a winner here!

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