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Business Professional or Creative Entrepreneur

As a creative entrepreneur and business professional, I am always walking a fine line of keeping the two separate.  Last week I added my blog and blogging skills to my professional resume for the first time. It finally feels like it’s time to merge the two, somewhat. I am not ready to throw in the towel on the corporate world just yet.   However, I am ready to include several of the skills I’ve mastered since starting my blog in my professional life.

My content creation, scouting photo shoot locations, social media management, minor coding, marketing, networking, and SEO skills are solid.  However, there is always room for improvement and progression. The one major skill that needs major improvement is my photo editing.

I was gifted Adobe Lightroom 5 a few years ago and I have yet to fully learn the software.  I’ve mastered the basics of importing, exporting, resizing, filters and watermarking.  However, my photo organization is terrible and my Lightroom developing skills are worse.

Learning On Demand

I started my blog on a whim and I had no idea what I was doing.  My method of learning new things was done through trial and error. There weren’t any detailed tutorials, creative coaches or FB groups I could rely on.  Since then several platforms have been established to empower creatives.  One that I found to be most helpful is CreativeLive.  I love being able to have lifetime access to the classes and bonus content.  If you prefer on-demand learning CreativeLive offers workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, crafting and software training.

When approached with the opportunity to take a photography class with CreativeLive I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to challenge myself.  The Adobe® Lightroom® CC Photo Editing: The Complete Guide is a four-week comprehensive course. Instructor Ben Willmore, a member of the photoshop hall of fame, teaches students how to optimize their photos, using all levels of adjustments; make your images searchable within the program; and optimize your workflow, including exporting printing, and troubleshooting.

Skill Improvement

I am looking forward to making the following improvements to my workflow and photos:

Overall Lightroom Understanding

  • I am self-taught user and I need to fill in the gaps and get a better over understanding of Lightroom

Adjusting Abilities

  • Learn to make basic development adjustments with exposure, highlights, shadows, saturation, white balance and vibrancy

File Management

  • Develop a folder system, consistent image naming, and catalog creation

I prefer natural light photos for my blog.  Which means I am always trying to catch the “golden hour”. However, I am not always able to get that amazing natural light and I end up with photos that are too bright or too dull.

I attempted to use my amateur Lightroom skills to adjust this photo’s exposure and correct the overall vibrancy.  As you can see I wasn’t successful and the entire photo looks dull and washed out.

In addition to improving my outfit photos, I am also looking forward to making my food photos pop. This was my first attempt a food photography and the results were so-so.

Level Up Your Skills

As you can see there is plenty for me to improve.  Completion of the Adobe® Lightroom® CC Photo Editing: The Complete Guide will not only improve my content but also be a great skill to list on my blogger and professional resume.

Do you need to improve your photo editing skills?  Let’s keep each other accountable, join me in improving your photo editing skills and receive 20% off your Creative Live class with the code: ISHARE20.  Expires: May 31, 2017.  Limit: One use per user.

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