Wellness Wednesday: Meal Planning con’t…

 (My Happy Face) 

me start by saying I so excited by all the feedback and discussion I am receiving
from my Wellness Wednesday post.  I love
that you guys are genuinely interested when you know better you
do better, right?  

were so many questions and comments about the previous meal planning post that
I decided to continue meal planning into this week’s post so we can further
discuss the pros of meal planning. 
Let’s start with the most asked
question from last week’s post.

How do you not
get bored of eating pretty much the same thing throughout the week?

deciding to become a vegetarian and doing a lot of research on foods I just
changed my mind set on food completely.  In the past I cooked and ate for
enjoyment not nutrition.  However now it’s the other way around, everything
I cook and eat serves a purpose.  I still have foods that I enjoy but
that’s not the main focus of me making a meal anymore.  Also, at most
I am cooking for two people and fresh organic veggies don’t last
long so whatever I buy gets cooked during the week.  I have grown
accustom to my habits and it doesn’t bother anymore and if It does I just go
out to eat, lol.  My weekly meal plan isn’t written in stone it’s just a
guide to help keep me on track.  To be honest cooking a different meal nightly
is tiresome for me, so I opt for convenience. 

produce is expensive and basically there is now way around it, eating well is
costly.  With that being said the main
purpose of me meal planning weekly is to cut the cost of my grocery bill.  It’s so easy to get off track once you’re in
the grocery store with all those great foods surrounding you.  Whole Foods recently opened in my
neighborhood and chile…that store will have you broke seriously.  I am always tempted by so many things I want
to try and buy BUT I have to remember I must do it in moderation or I will end up
with $200 grocery bill for just me, which is crazy!  I can only speak on my experiences but I am
sure that meal planning would be great for anyone with a family as well.  My eating habits didn’t happen overnight and
I am still progressing (I still struggle with cheese! Lol).  

So don’t
beat yourself up if you decided you want to eat out instead of having vegetarian
lasagna for the third night in a row.  It’s
okay because everyone has to start from somewhere, just like I did.  

You can
also work restaurant meals into your weekly plan as well.  I personally don’t during the week I usually
save my restaurant meals for the weekend. 
You can successfully eat well at your favorite restaurants with some
minor planning.  Before I get into that
it always helpful when your friends and family are supportive of your eating
habits, everyone knows Shea doesn’t eat this and she won’t eat that in my
circle.  So they are always pretty good
about picking restaurants that have vegetarian options or good seafood options.
I won’t get into eating out now I will save that for the next post, eating out can be a mission for me sometimes but it’s not impossible!     

Questions? Leave them below.

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