Style and Shopping Resolutions

Curves and Confidence
2013 Style and Shopping Resolutions
* Do not buy
duplicate items
* Try on all items
before purchase (in store)
* Make all returns
in a timely manner
* Do not impulse
* Do not shop
because a store is having a sale
* Keep a running
wish list of future clothing purchases
* Have clothing
tailored when necessary
* Do not be afraid
to try trends
* Style more casual
outfits (weekend wear)
* Wear something
other then a peep toe pump, lOL
* Try new
hairstyles, including styling my natural hair (wish me luck)
* Thrift MORE!
* Attempt to wear
makeup when going out, at least.
* Do not buy
something because someone else blogs about it!
I am not really a person that makes new year’s resolutions but
this list was a must! So what are your style and shopping resolutions for 2013?