Present the Best You

Hello 2012 and Goodbye 2011…as
we all know this is the time of the year that everyone sets their goals and
resolutions for the coming year.  I
am more of a goal person and continually set them for myself.  As most of you know I am currently
attending college and I will graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Management
and Supervision this spring! It wasn’t easy and I had a lot of personal
obstacles but I didn’t give up and now I am done! This has been a long journey,
however I am excited to start applying for new positions and get my name out
there.  I have utilized
in the past for online jobs search and they have just launched a new
professional networking app for Facebook. 
BeKnown allows you to set up a professional
profile directly on Facebook that is completely separate from your personal
Facebook page.   Below is a
snapshot of my actual BeKnown profile:
It only took me a few
minutes to upload my information to my BeKnown Facebook page.  I am already on my way to making new
connections and applying for new jobs.  You can also check this helpful video guide.
Besides being an app on
Facebook BeKnown is also available for
download for iPhone
users and Android
users.  Professional connections
are so important when you are a new graduate trying to find your footing in the
workforce.  It can be overwhelming
at times however maintaining a professional profile like BeKnown you will be
able to track your professional connections, search the job
database, and view job postings by your schools alumni with BeKnown College
Pages, all while you are logged into Facebook.
Now once you have
established your connections, and applied for jobs it’s time to get your
interview wardrobe in order.  I am
no spring chicken myself, which just means I have been interviewing for quite
some time.  Most of my outfit posts
on Curves and Confidence are of daily my office attire.  As the title of this post suggests you
should be the best you always! 
Below are few tips for
dressing successfully for an interview:
~ Be sure to
pre-plan your outfit prior to the interview, try everything on and make sure
you have
   a great fit.
~ Make sure you
are comfortable with what you are wearing, especially your shoes! I have been
   surprised a few times with having to having walk long distances in high heels.
~ Regardless of
the position always dress professionally.
~ No open toe shoes
for the interview, they might be perceived as casual.
~ Keep your
jewelry and accessories to a minimum, no cocktail rings, bangles or large
   You don’t want anything
to distract your interviewer from what you are saying.
~ Lastly, hair and
nails should be neat and subtle, nothing too crazy.
Now when you do get the job,
which I know will happen for those of us that are looking to find something
better and more challenging, be sure to observe your new jobs office
environment for the first couple of weeks. 
Most companies have a
written dress code that employees must follow, but the office maybe more lenient then the actual written rules. 
If you are just starting
out, as a young professional or even trying to build a better work wardrobe, make
sure you have the basics in your closet i.e. well fitted blazer, nice dress
pants, feminine blouses, pencil skirt, sheath dress, cardigan, wrap dress, dark colored jeans and a few pairs of great
shoes.  These items are great
foundation pieces that will be interchangeable for your work wardrobe. 
Below is a collage of my
favorite work outfits: 

I hope this was helpful for all you currently seeking jobs or planning to do so this year as a personal goal.  Please let me know if you have any questions
Disclosure:  I was asked to participate in the’s “Present The Best You” online contest. For my participation I was gifted a business card hold and makeup kit.