I’m Back!

Jacket – Ross
Tank – Target
Pencil skirt – JcPenney
Booties – Guess via Dillards
Necklace – Forever21
Ring – Fabco

Hey, hey, hey…I was gone for a minute now I am back with the jumpoff…ok, ok, that line just seem appropriate for this blogpost. If you are reading this I am sure you have noticed the new digs www.curvesandconfidence.com. Do you like it? I hope you do because I love it! Look around and tell me what you think, everything is not finalized but it should be over the next few days.

Sooooo…if you follow me on Twitter then you know I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico this past weekend with my girls for Urban Fiesta. We spent 4 nights at El San Juan Hotel and Casino and our resort was beautiful, we had everything we needed right there on sight. We seriously could have stayed there the entire time and not even ventured out into the city. I loved spending time with my girls.

On the other hand the events that we attended were a complete fail, in my opinion. We were disappointed with the overall weekend as it pertained to the Urban Fiesta parties, it didn’t seem like much effort was put into the events they planned. We paid $250 for our unlimited party passes and I was expecting to have the time of my life. Of the six parties we attend I enjoyed the beach party and the all white affair. Maybe I am just too old for Memorial Day event weekends or maybe I went in with my expectations too high.

On to the good stuff, I do have pics I will be posting them in the next few days after I round them all up from the ladies. I will have a video also, one of the ladies Jackie is a YouTuber and she took several video clips of the weekend. When you get a chance check out her YouTube channel for all things fashion, beauty and hair related!

And I changed my hair again!

A few teaser pics…