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Not Your Typically Black Friday

It’s currently 3:05am and I am at my cousin’s house in NYC watching tv while I type this post which has nothing to do with shopping. Instead of crafting a plan for shopping later today I am thinking about how much I enjoyed spending time with my family. I really needed this weekend getaway. I’ve been feeling weighed down emotionally these past few weeks. Actually, my energy has been off for most of the year because of dealing with sub-par people that I should have never allowed in my life.

Struggles of an Overthinker

I am an overthinker and I’ve been overthinking many of my decisions this year. Instead of understanding what’s done is done. But today that comes to an end. Black Friday seems like the perfect day to put to rest the grief I’ve been carrying around.  I am figuratively burying the people that have wronged me this year, my poor decisions and any other distraction that’s preventing me from being my best self.

This moment will be my pivoting point because I will not take any bad vibes or internal conflict into 2017. And not that’s not a new year, new me mantra.  That was me proclaiming my freedom from unresolved feelings.

It’s not easy to move on from a difficult situation when you don’t have closure.  How do you guys deal with unresolved feelings of resentment?



  1. I just love your rawness. We are definitely kindred spirits. Yes let it go and move forward. i totally understand where you are coming from. I was feeling emotionally down myself the last few weeks because honestly it sucks being single around the holidays. But I’m done being depressed about it. I’m celebrating the fat that I’m not settling for less than I deserve. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I did:)

    • The holidays are sometimes hard for me because I am away from my family but I making it a point of going home every chance I get. I was with my when I posted this and I had an amazing time.

  2. Go’on sister wit yo fierce self!! You keep us all inspired to be better.
    To answer your question from one introvert to another you will frequently be misjudged. You love hard and you work hard, you’re educated, you’re successful, beautiful, in shape and you’re a go getter. Ppl see this about you and they want a part of it. Instead of them getting themselves together they come into your life with an agenda. I’m 45 and have been in situations like you…I don’t even need to know your story but I can relate. Shea you will always have these types of ppl coming in and out of your life. TD Jakes said to learn who are your constituents, comrades and confidants. You will have a lot of the first two but very few confidants. I know you’ve heard the phrase “every Oprah has a Gayle”. I’m not trying to preach…I’ve been through what you’re going through. As long as you remain a success users and naysayers will always flock to you. Keep doing you! You got all of us rooting for you.
    PS…I forgot to say it’s very important to forgive. If you have to be around the ppl that have hurt you talk with them then work a peaceful resolution. otherwise forgiveness is the best medicine. Xoxo

    • Thank you Tonya! You are correct, forgiveness is key. I need to learn to forgive and let go.

  3. Your all black on black Friday is lit. Sometimes fixing yourself and moving on with your thoughts and feelings is the BEST closure you can give yourself for your sanity. I’m an overthinker as well. Right now I’m going through closure as well. 2017 is a better me. Leaving the old behind. How you stated it “sub-par people”

    • Yep! I’ve given too much energy to people that do even deserve to know me.


    Yes ma’am you said a mouth full. Thank you! love the look!!

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