Summer is here and most of us are experiencing temperatures well into the 90s on a daily basis.  I personally would love to show up at the office in a pair of cutoffs, tank top and flip flops everyday; however that isn’t my reality.  For those of us that have to oblige to the rules of dressing professionally on a daily basis I’ve put together a list of my three summer essentials that are office appropriate.

Midi Skirt

Ladies I promise you can never go wrong with a midi skirt.  The shape and length make them perfect for various body types and an easy piece to style for work.  Midi skirts by themselves are show stoppers so try and keep the rest of your outfit simple.  In both of the pictures above I choose a simple t-shirt, bold skirt and platform sandals.  Not only are midi skirt perfect for spring/summer they can easily be worn in the fall/winter with the addition of boots and a fitted jacket.

White T-Shirt

Nothing says summer like crisp white t-shirt.  I love white t-shirts and own way too many but I always find myself reaching for one when I am in a pinch.  I love to keep several variations of simple white tops to wear alone or layer under cardigans or blazers.  I recommend fitted shirts made from a medium weight knit.  I also prefer crew neck skirts over v-necks because they look better with statement necklaces.  Lastly,  be sure to replace your white t-shirts regularly to keep that clean crisp look.

Fit and Flare Dress 

Summer is all about pretty dresses which is why I have included fit and flare dresses in my summer essentials.  Y’all know I love throw on dresses (see this post) and summer is the perfect opportunity to pull out those lovely knee length dresses and rock them to the office.  Depending on your work environment you might want to keep it simple and stay away from bold patterns.  However, if you want to take it up a notch mix a bold pattern with brightly colored accessories for the perfect outfit.

So are you ready to kill it at work this summer? I know you guys have all of these items in your closet and can easily put together a show stopping outfit to beat this summer heat in style.

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  1. Garlic7girl

    Wow! The outfits and you are so beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration.

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