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As soon as I saw this t-shirt on Forever 21’s website I knew it was meant for me! As a blogger and influencer I am always trying not to be a nuisance when it comes to posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Β  I know it annoys me when people I follow oversaturate my feed with what I feel like is foolishness. I wanna see you but I don’t wanna see you too much, lol.

What are your social media pet peeves?

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  1. Cococure

    One social media pet peeve that quickly comes to mind is dry begging for sympathy, then leaving us hanging. What happens is someone posts a pic of hospital monitors and iv’s in the hand. There’s a whole big comment section where people are praying for them, hoping they get better, the poster is responding to each comment with ty’s. Then, one person asks, “what’s going on? What happened?” Truly concerned and all. But the poster never responds. There’s just a new post 12 hrs later with them in the pool and a margarita.

    • www.litevi.com

      Lol that is too funny but kinda sad at the same time. My gosh they need attention.

    • Dry begging? LOL. I don’t care for that either. I have seen that done numerous times.

  2. Takeema Antoinette

    I can’t stand when people check in everywhere they go, or post every meal, every illness, every DR’s visit, every problem or stay calling out their so called haters, when really no one CARES lol…Cute Outfit!

  3. Sindiso Moagi

    I love the look especially the pink skirt. It just calls my name☺
    As content creators, are we not guilty of posting too much or too little? It just goes with perception though

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