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I purchased these shorts on a whim one day shopping at Marshall’s on my lunch break. I figured eventually I would have the guts to wear them out the house. If not then they would just be a cute pair of shorts I would wear to the beach. Well, one Friday night I threw them on to hang out with Jeanee. No sooner did I walk out my apt I turned right back around and changed my clothes.

Well, this past weekend my confidence was really at a 100% because I put these shorts on and didn’t think twice about wearing them to the Paint Me LUSH event. Are my thighs perfectly? Nope! Did I care? Nope. I realized I was in my own head about what I thought my thighs should look like instead of loving where I am right now. I have always been that girl that hides her legs. I seriously have to be feeling my bestest (yes that’s a word) to wear anything exposing this much leg unless I’m at the beach.

I have thick thighs and they aren’t going anywhere. I don’t have a thigh gap and probably never will. I sometimes have to shimmy back and forth to get my skinny jeans on. However, these thighs can squat 185lbs unassisted. These thighs helped me run a 5k last year. Oh and these thighs look amazing when I put on a bodycon dress!

Instead of being my own worse critic, sometimes I have to tell myself that I am overthinking a situation.

Ladies, what’s the one item in your closet you’ve purchased but sworn you’d never wear out the house?



  1. We all have things about our bodies that we don’t like. Mine is my stomach. It just will not go away.

    Don’t worry about it. You have very nice legs!

    • Thank you! I know with dedication you can get rid of your stomach. If I am able to lose a few inches on these hammock legs anything is possible!

  2. Lioness

    Girl you look great. I want to get rid of my boobs while both men and women lust after them literally lol. I have long lean legs but sometimes I wish I had really thick thighs. We all want what we don’t have. Time to appreciate and feel blessed with what we do have.

    • Ha! I’ve had a few women who have leaner legs then me say that same thing. I always look at them like “uhhhh lemme give me those skinny legs you got” lol.

  3. Michelle Jones

    Lawd this blog spoke right to me. I let my stomach hold me back. Found a cute LBD at F21 a few weeks ago to wear to a birthday dinner. I second guessed myself because of the stomach and side bulge. With the urging of a family member I purchased the dress and wore it. Someone took a snap of me in it, I shared it on social media and had so many positive reviews of the dress. I have to stop beating myself up. And you look great in that outfit by the way.

    • We can be our own worse critics at times. I went back and forth about posting these pics. I even went as far as telling my friend that takes my pics that I hated them and no one would ever see them! I’m so dramatic sometimes, lol. However, I let a couple of days past and looked at them again with an open mind and realized that I looked kinda cute, lol.

  4. Patricia Taylor Todd

    Tell ’em!! And your legs look great!

  5. Jill Bishop

    I feel the exact same way about my thighs! I am always trying to hide them and I get super frustrated buying jeans and pants. I need to build up enough confidence to put on a pair of shorts. I have come to terms that my legs will always be big and I just gotta work on toning them up. You look great! You have inspired me to dress out of my comfort zone.

    • It took me a long time to get to the point where I felt comfortable showing my legs more. My increase in confidence had a lot to do with my running more and actually loving the way my body was changing. I still think my legs need work but I am happy with what I am working with now. Try wearing a pair of bermuda shorts or a cut pair of distressed boyfriend shorts so don’t have the pressure of feeling so exposed.

  6. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    You look adorable!! I want this whole look!! ??

  7. Thighs. I refuse to wear shorts. You’re so brave. I’m working on it though. Shorts are in my future. Love the outfit

  8. Tj Young

    Love the outfit..I think its best to have thighs than NOT! .. I am the NOT girl with the gap and I wish I had legs cause if I did shorts and short skirts is all I would wear. so sad the top is not in stock anymore!.. bench 185.. you go girl!

  9. Love! You know I’m always here for short shorts and heels. Your topic is delicate & very girly.

  10. Shea, as a man I really do not understand your fuss about your thighs. They are really great, perfect I would say. Believe me. I think it is a woman’s obsession or issue if they are not skinny…

  11. Sheronda Marsh

    YOU GO GIRL! That’s one of our best assets. You gotta have thighs with that hour glass figure.

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