I always get a lot of emails and messages from you ladies seeking styling advice.  In the past I haven’t made time to provide styling suggestions to you guys via my blog posts.  I’m usually more focused on making sure I keep up with providing outfit posts twice a week, three times a week if possible.

I also know that many of you may be new to my blog and probably don’t have time to go through five years of outfit posts.  So I decided to start re-introducing some of my favorite outfits in a way that would be helpful to all of you. First up, a blog series of work wear staples that I am sure that many of you already own.


This weeks staple is probably my absolute favorite: The Midi Skirt.  I love everything about a full, below-the knee midi skirt.  The lady like elegance and femininity of a midi skirt absolutely makes me happy.  After purchasing my first midi skirt I actually held on to it for several weeks before wearing it.  I had convinced myself I was too short to pull of a full skirt that fell below my knees. I was wrong!   Sometimes even I over think things to the point where I talk myself out of something
I love before even giving it a try.


Once I over came my concerns about wearing midi skirts I became a repeat offender.  So much so that I was able to put together several outfits to go along with my midi skirt style tips.  I hope you guys find this post helpful and leave any questions below in the comments.

Experiment with Colors and Prints

Colorful printed midi skirts are my favorite and striped skirts would be a close second.  I love to experiment with prints and color at work. However, I don’t let my love for color get out of hand.  My objective is to always present myself professionally but just not in the same ole boring blazer and slacks.

Try a Retro Look

I never thought I would be able to pull off wearing a crop top at work but my high-waist midi skirt made it possible. The second outfit was conceptualized after seeing Amber Rose in this outfit.  Can you ever go wrong with retro?  Well, yes you could but both of these skirts worked perfectly to provide that 1950s/1960s vibe I was going for.  Retro outfits should be fun and feel organic.  Try to wear pieces you already own to create a throw back look.

Add a Belt

Belts are my go to finishing accessory.  Belts add a little something extra to my work outfits and always pull everything together.  I probably own over seventy-five belts so it’s no surprise that I would recommend you guys to throw one on with your midi skirt for that additional pop of color, or just because you want to be snatched!

Pay Attention to Proportions

Midi skirts are usually flowy with lots of material.  Maintaining the perfect balance and proportions for your body is essential for a polished look.  Stay away from over-sized tops. If you decide to wear a blazer make sure it’s fitted and doesn’t fall below to far below your waist.  Cropped blazers are your best bet.  It also doesn’t hurt to have several variations of fitted t-shirts.

Keep it Simple


Lastly, just keep it simple.  In most cases the skirt is going to be the center of attention and you just have to select a few key pieces to create the perfect outfit.  My go-to formula: statement necklace, t-shirt, stand out skirt and super cute shoes.  Most of my midi skirt outfits start out this way and I usually expand from there.


There you have it several of my favorite midi skirt work wear outfits.  I hope this post was helpful and provided several styling options for one of my favorite work wear staples.  For even more inspiration check out my Mad About Midi’s pinterest board.

Do you have a midi skirt style tip? Which outfit was your favorite?

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