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A reader mention on my Facebook page last week that I rarely post outfits with pants, which is true.  My outfits are an honest account of what I wear to work and I prefer skirts/dresses at work. I don’t like drawing unnecessary attention to my body so I stay away from pants at the office.  I was even leery about wearing these soft pants because I felt like too much of my booty was exposed. I am probably being overly cautious but I try not to draw any unnecessary attention to my body.

I sometimes feel like curvy women have to work harder to seem like their not trying to be overly sexy, does that make sense? Maybe it’s just me but that’s just how I feel about my work outfits.  You guys let me know your thoughts. I have full hips and big booty but it doesn’t mean I’m always trying to show them off. Nor does it mean that I want every man that I pass to comment on it or say something off color.  So to avoid all the extra attention I rarely wear pants at work.

Anyone else feel like you have to try extra-hard at being modest at work because of your body?


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