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 | Kimono – F21  | Jeans – Levi’s | Purse – Rebecca Minkoff | Sandals – Payless  |

I am back home from a week long vacation in North Carolina.  I love going to visit my brother and his family, they are a very active bunch.  My brother has been blessed with three little girls and they all want equal attention, lol.  Their personalities are all so different, Gabbie (8 years old) is into dance and stays glued to her iPod or Kindle.  Brooklynn (3 years old) is the most like my brother and loves to flip (literally) this little girl who’s almost four has a mean front flip and tells the most animated stories.  Journee (2 years old) is my little chunky boo-boo, she’s plays no games and didn’t warm up to me until day three of me being home, lol. I did get her to eat avocado and spinach with me but I paid for that later!

 Because NC is still in that awkward winter/spring phase I was unsure of what to pack. I kept it simple and packed pieces that I could easily layer, in case it got too cold for me. I purchased this kimono last year and only wore the damn thing one time because it seemed a little too dramatic.  I am glad I dug it out of my giveaway bag and gave it another go. I also decided to give my high waist Levi’s another go as well.  When I wore them last year they were a little too tight. I’ve since lost a little weight and now there too big in the waist. I love the rinse so I’ll probably have them taken in so they hug my body perfectly.


  1. your outfit is banging! absolutely love the kimono; it’s quite appropriate for the transitional weather that Spring offers. love your hair as well!

  2. Very nice kimono. You inspire me so much. Thank you!

  3. i love your hair? are you doing it yourself or having someone do it for you?

  4. Lakinya Nairn-Jones

    Who’s your braided!?? Beautiful Job

  5. your hair looks amazing and you definitely rock that outfit. You’re beautiful!!

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