| Dress – Oldnavy  | Boots – Macys | Purse – Rebecca Minkoff |

It rarely gets cold here in Miami and cold by our standards means the temperature dips below 70 degrees.  I bought these boots last year October and I have pulled them out at every cold weather opportunity.  My co-workers always tease me but nothing is cuter than knee-high boots and boot socks.

I can admit that I am pretty bad at remixing my clothes, really bad, I would much rather buy something new.  I have too many great pieces to just have them sit in my closet, this dress being one of them.  I originally wore it in this post, why did I wait so long to wear this dress again?

A quick change from sandals to boots and I have a winterized wrap dress.


  1. mllerachelm

    Love the stripes pattern on this dress. Stripes have always been a little hesitation for me and my curves but this dress looks like it would work really well! You look great! P.S. I’m also in South Florida and this “cold front” has been wonderful!

  2. imperfctconcept

    Ha! I feel the same way about my clothes! This dress is really cute! Love it on you.

  3. Love the dress and the boots! I was telling a friend who lives up north that when it gets “Florida cold”, it’s an opportunity to wear my tall boots!

  4. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Lovely look!! Put together nice!!

  5. BLM Love! Come on wrap dress I am loving it with the boots! Work it!

  6. Antonia Yves Martin

    Work that wrap dress! Love it!!

  7. Carol Parker Walsh

    Wrap dresses are my absolute favorite and the really like that this on is in a white/navy combo! GREAT for spring!! #BLMGirl

  8. Yes, very nice styling of this classic wrap dress.

  9. David Martin

    Very Nice… Classy & Sophisticated as always!!

  10. FASHION du jour

    SHEA!!! Just yes! That’s all I have to say! 😉 #STYLEWERKSHOP #BLMGIRLS

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